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MessiahMews Blogs: Web and Internet Annoyances…

MessiahMews Blogs: Web and Internet Annoyances…: I’m very glad to see I’m not the only one who gets frustrated and pissed off at all the excessive javascript on websites these days….

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2 Timothy 4 (King James Version)

2Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

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Witchcraft in Ojai, Calif…the business of the city as usual

This morning, noticed all the streets quietly being lined up with little chairs all tied together for the 4th of July – which is yet 8 days away! Extreme silliness, right? To do such a thing that far in advance? Especially when lining up chairs for the 4th in every city I’ve ever seen took place the evening before!

The question asked reveals the answer given. Which is:

1. It’s the new moon today. Ojai is a city riddled from one end to the other of covens. It is a veritable buffet of black magic and on every level one can imagine. The CIA runs this town. Black magic and worship to Lucifer is the religion of Ojai. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or simply won’t see what is all over the signage, statues, and artwork stuck practically everywhere in the last ten years.

2. It’s 8 days before the 4th of July, celebrating their 8 black mass sabbats they rule their lives by.

And that’s just on the surface. On every street in Ojai, coven members are in force.

Ojai has also become in recent years a big agency magnet for Lesbians. On any given hour of any given day, you can see anywhere from 20 to 100 lesbian couples, arm in arm, kissing and walking about. Fact. Largest collection of well-funded same-sex women I’ve ever seen outside of Santa Monica or San Francisco.

Lesbian witches, btw.

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Maze in a Mirror: The No Exit Plan

Maze in a Mirror: The No Exit Plan: This food restriction will not be granted to the United States alone. But watching the land of plenty go hungry will be an objec…

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Uwantson: Maze in a Mirror: The 2012 Olympics: A Sickening S…

Uwantson: Maze in a Mirror: The 2012 Olympics: A Sickening S…: Maze in a Mirror: The 2012 Olympics: A Sickening Satanic Ritual? : I watched a few videos of portions of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Ol…

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Massive land grabs by the Bureau of Land Management. Why?

Massive land grabs by the Bureau of Land Management. Why?

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Photo by Andrea Shea King

Florida’s tea party groups are actively involved in educating fellow Floridians (and Americans) about the dangers to our freedom contained in the UN’s Agenda 21.I’ve written about it here, here, and here

Today, our local tea party coordinator sent information about a massive federal land grab now in progress in the western part of our country that is important for you to know. Keep in mind that this land is also where our biggest mineral deposits come from for defense materials…

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a for-profit federal corporation, issued a memo laying out its plans to seize 10 million additional acres across the Western states including, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, California, and Utah. The federal government already claims ownership or control of 84% of Utah and at least 68% of Nevada. The document clearly lays out the propaganda to be used in this land theft, referring to the theft as saving national treasures, pristine areas, treasured landscapes, etc.. Sounds really peachy until you get to the part about mining and natural resources, to be stolen at the same time…

The question immediately arises in my mind; “How can the BLM claim ownership of land? Doesn’t the Constitution expressly deny the central government ownership of any land other than insular possessions, territories and the ten square mile parcel of land ceded to it for its existence?” Yes it does, but the Bureau of Land Management is a privately owned corporation and is not bound by constitutional restraints.

The BLM is a duly chartered and registered, for profit corporation which conducts business independent of the central government, and as a private corporation can purchase land and conduct contract business with other corporations, which it does routinely. But, we are supposed to believe that the BLM, operating under the ubiquitous Department of the Interior, is some kind of government agency.

Photo by Andrea Shea King

In the memo, BLM corporation talks extensively about its “ownership” of lands and how this back room deal, meant to facilitate the theft of lands inside the geographical boundaries of the states could be implemented. Of great interest to the BLM are the Western states, as a result of the natural resources contained in the land in these areas, which are extensive…

This is approximately 22 billion that will be used to wipe out our wild horse herds, to steal land from the states under the guise of “treasured landscapes”. Billions that will be used to privatize public lands and to limit access to our forests. Neither of these agencies should exist. And, we should not be forced to continue to fund what are in effect private corporations dedicated to the theft of state and publicly owned assets.

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Globalist Plot to Blow Up 26,000 Dams & Takeover Water

Globalist Plot to Blow Up 26,000 Dams & Takeover Water

I have been following the efforts by the federal corporation that operates under fraud as the “federal government”, especially in the area of waterWater rights, water access and water availability are seriously threatened by both factions of the political crime syndicate that is the federal corporation a.k.a., “the Federal Government”.  There is no such entity, only a massive and hostile corporation that is foreign and hostile to the states.
At issue now is our water.

Why ownership of the water is an issue

This last year saw the latest attempts to pass the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).  LOST requires that all waters from any source whatsoever be under the jurisdiction of the federal corporation, otherwise the LOST treaty has limited or no effect.
As the LOST treaty has again failed to pass, as have successive attempts to legislate water to bring it under federal corporate control, congress tried to quietly ship the redefining of “navigable waters” into “Waters of America” over to the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA is a privately owned, for profit, corporation wholly owned by the federal corporation.  It is not a cabinet agency and is not part of the federal corporation that acts as the government.
The chronic attempts to redefine water ownership and control is hyped with the mantra that we are running out of water; that water is critically in short supply or is being misused because the federal corporation lacks control over all water from any source.  With this in mind, one has to ask,


“Why would you blow out 26,000 dams across the country and allow 70 to 80% of available water to flow unused and unsaved, out to sea?”…

But the issue of water is not about the salmon, or the rivers flowing free or any other environmental nonsense.  It is converting all water everywhere to be under the control of the federal corporation to facilitate the LOST treaty, and to convert even simple trade into federal commerce.
 Since there is in actuality no critical water shortage, one has to be created.  This will be done by redefining what is federally controlled water, and, by emptying reservoirs and other water reserves.  No dams will replace those blown meaning that all water in that river or stream will disappear into oblivion while your water is rationed.  All of this just in time for the installation of SMART Water Meters which will drive your water bill through the roof…
At issue of course is “navigation”.  In order to control and interfere in all commerce, even in simple private trade, it is necessary to redefine the meaning of navigable waters to the all inclusive “waters of America” giving the federal corporation the authority to regulate and tax all trade of any kind.  It would also advance the notion that the government had the authority to force us to purchase or avoid products and services at its discretion…
By striking the term “navigable” and replacing it with “Waters of America”, all water now comes under commerce as all water abuts or crosses land.  Waters of America would allow the taking of land, land use, and commerce totally away from the states and private citizens. This also prevents a takings claim for dam owners as “navigable” will simply be replaced with waters of America.  The requirement that the waterway be navigable is now moot.
So is your right to water.
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Uwantson: Maze in a Mirror: GMO Organic Corn? No Yellow, Yes…

Uwantson: Maze in a Mirror: GMO Organic Corn? No Yellow, Yes…: Maze in a Mirror: GMO Organic Corn? No Yellow, Yes White & Blue :…

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Uwantson: Maze in a Mirror: Spare Us the Bulls**t

Uwantson: Maze in a Mirror: Spare Us the Bulls**t: Maze in a Mirror: Spare Us the Bulls**t : UPDATE to: Winter Light In my Winter L…

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Fritz Springmeier

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Huffing the New Age

Ooooh that smell


                                                                                                  Can’t you smell that smell?


Ooooh that smell 
The smell of death around you

The 80+ Chemicals Detected in Febreze Air Effects … 


Febreze Air Effects is showcased as
a technological odor eliminator that
will get you to breathe happily; as if
it were happy pills in a spray – even
space age magic that scientifically
makes odors disappear, despite the
fact that it kills no odor-producing

Febreze was heralded as phthalate-
free.  Yet, an ingredient detected in
it forms Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate,
the metabolite implicated as a major
cause of Sick Building Syndrome.

There are additional red flags attached to the Febreze product line, along with the fact that it has triggered brutal asthma attacks and other adverse reactions. In fact, the severe reaction scenario was the sole purpose for having embarked on an extensive research project involving Febreze.

The logic was that something incredibly violent had to have been attached
to Febreze, for it to have triggered asthma no less tortuous than an anaconda
wrapped around your chest.  The respiratory radar turned out 100% correct.
It turned out that there were a number of things deadly wrong with Febreze.

The chemicals in fabric softeners are pungent and strong smelling — so strong that they require the use of these heavy fragrances (think 50 times as much fragrance) just to cover up the smells.

The effects of its toxicity are insidious; a user becomes “chronically maladapted” to it. The exposure is so constant that it can be difficult to connect the product with the signs of reactivity it causes. Neurostimulant/irritants and central nervous system toxins used in these products are known to produce an addictive-type response that may cause the user to experience a feeling of pleasure when the product is directly inhaled. Regular users of fabric softeners (and perfumes) also often claim they “can hardly smell it”. This too is an effect of chemical ingredients on neural receptors.  

Can Dryer Sheets Hurt Cats?
Contains Cationics
Even though the word “cationic” begins its spelling with kitty’s common namesake, that doesn’t mean this element is friendly to your feline friend’s digestive system. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals indicates cationic (positively charged) elements added to dryer sheets and fabric softeners can cause drooling, appetite loss, oral burns and stomach pain in dogs and other animals as well, but is even more dangerous for cats, whose digestive systems are much more sensitive.

Common Household Items That Can Make Your Dog Sick

Fabric Softeners and other detergents: All sorts of household detergents are toxic to dogs at one level or another, but fabric softeners fall into the highly toxic category. Signs of toxicity include vomiting, lethargy, burns to the mouth, drooling, muscle weakness, and even coma.

So what’s the deal with Fabreze? Risky or safe?

Just from poking around on “google,” I found more than 2 dozen sites where asthmatics complain about Febreze. I know I can’t tolerate it. I know my mom’s neighbor used towels heavily dosed with Febreze to wash off the drool of her beautiful Newfoundland dogs, and the dogs always ended up dying in ways that vets couldn’t explain: entire body systems would suddenly shut down, including the desire to eat and the ability to pee and poop. (Which is how poisons work, folks!)

But here is a site that has information from the Environmental Working Group about Febreze. Apparently there are eighty seven separate noxious chemicals and none of them sound too helathy.

As a society, we will probably not have much TRUTH about these types of products, as our news media is controlled by its station and corporate chain owners, all of whom salivate over the earning they receive from the advertising monies that Proctor and Gamble and other companies shower on them. Like our previous fight with Big Tobacco, I don’t think the public will become aware of the dangers of these products until the ad money is cut off.

Her eis the article I am referencing”

SACRAMENTO, California, January 25, 2013 (ENS) – Procter & Gamble, makers of Tide and Tide Free & Gentle detergents, has agreed in a California court to reduce the levels of the chemical 1,4 dioxane in its laundry products.

The Oakland-based nonprofit organization As You Sow filed a lawsuit against Procter & Gamble for high levels of 1,4 dioxane in their detergents without a warning label in violation of Proposition 65, the California law governing toxic chemical exposure in consumer products.

Also note that at one point, Time Magazine managed to overlook these chemicals and instead mention to its large audience of readers that the  National [Resources] Defense Council had found less pthalates in Febreze than in many other household products. Talk about a nice spin on a dangerous product.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2011 – The Defense Department joined the National Resources Defense Council yesterday to roll out a new mapping tool designed to help steer renewable energy development efforts to locations where they won’t interfere with military activities or environmentally sensitive areas.

L to R: Col. William Cooper Procter, Chairman, Procter & Gamble — Time Magazine, June, 1930; Neil Hosler McElroy, President, Procter & Gamble — Time Magazine, October, 1953

Above: Neil Hosler McElroy, U.S. Secretary of Defense — Time Magazine, January, 1958
 Fabric Softener Chemicals are “Built to Last”

Fabric softeners are designed to reduce static in synthetic fabrics. They work by leaving a residue on the fabric that never completely washes out. In fact, companies design these fabric softeners to BE tenacious and long lasting in clothing, especially the fragrances. They even have a name for it: “fragrance substantivity.” 

Removing horrible Febreze smell – HELP

My grandmother knit my dd 4 cute little sweaters. She handwashed them. Presumably she then spritzed them with Febreze (shudder), packed up the box, and mailed them to me. They reeked.

So I washed them. Three times. I hung them outside for four days. I took a token picture and then packed them away until they fit her.

So they’re about to fit her, 6 months later. And now they may possibly smell worse. I washed them again. The whole load stunk and I had to re-wash the rest of the clothes. I washed the sweaters again, this time using Bac-Out. I soaked them in a sink full of water and baking soda. I soaked them in a sink full of vinegar. I soaked them in a sink with 6 dissolved aspirin (I found this tip online – doesn’t work for this).

They still stink. My hands stink if I touch them. I can smell them across the room. I would like to use these sweaters but I can not stand the horrible odour. I hate Febreze.

Any advice? Drycleaning? Some odour-removing laundry product other than Bac Out?

Febreze is really freakin’ hard to remove.

Isn’t Febreeze vile? I do what you do – repeated washings, vinegar, hanging outside. It will work eventually, but I have to say in all honesty I’ve washed things to the point of visible wear getting the damn.smell.out. How nuts is that?

Febreze has got to be the worst smell, IMO!

I hate febreeze too… my MIL uses it and I always think she is using pesticides or horrible hair product when I smell it. I ask and she says… I sprayed Febreeze. Gross… how about cleaning instead if u wanted to smell nice.

Urgh i hate the stuff. My Dh used to wear it as deoderant, and use it to spray his clothes and sheets rather than wash them. Pre me of course.

etc., etc.

Tide’s Liquid Laundry Detergent (and its Free & Gentle version) also contains 1,4-dioxane. Although its maker Procter & Gamble reformulated its Herbal Essences hair care line to strip out the chemical in 2009, it has yet to do the same for the laundry detergent.

And lab researchers found a common fragrance ingredient called galaxolide, another hormone disruptor that’s previously shown it can decrease a cell’s defense mechanism against other toxic chemicals. …

Galaxolide was also detected in Febreze Air Effects

As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich.     Jeremiah 5:27 KJV

Febreze is classified as an air freshner, created by Proctor & Gamble. It reports to work by “trapping” odor molecules in a donut-shaped chemical.

The first thing that is really important to understand: the product does not remove odor molecules and it doesn’t clean the item it comes into contact with.

The odor molecules are still there. Your nose just can’t perceive them because you smell the chemical product instead. 

That alone should be your first warning. We know inhalation of any chemicals is dangerous, and several of its ingredients listed below are known to irritate the lungs…but this is a chemical whose entire purpose is to be inhaled!

Non-Profit Organizations with Ties to Industry

[A tiny sample of P&G ties to NPOs. Go to link above for complete list. ...]


“The mission of the Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute is to support sound scientific and medical research into environmental intolerance issues [multiple chemical sensitivity], and to compile and disseminate information on those issues.” (; February 2, 2001) “ESRI is primarily sponsored by its member organizations.” (Members not listed on web site) (; February 2, 2001)

Founded in 1994. Criticizes “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS).
Board of Directors (May 1, 1997 through April 30, 1999; ESRI list)

Members at Large:

  • Richard M. Bednarz, PhD, Amway Corporation
  • Wayne Carlson, PhD, Bayer Corporation
  • Gregory A. Krauss, Esq., Carr, Goodson, Lee & Warner P.C.
  • David K. Wilcox, PhD, Colgate-Palmolive Company
  • Gerald N. McEwen, Jr., PhD, JD, Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association John E. DiFazio, Jr., Esq., Chemical Specialty Manufacturers Association
  • Timothy M. Maniscalo, DowElanco
  • Robert N. Sturm, Jr., MS, Procter & Gamble
  • Allen James, MBA, CAE, Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
  • Glenn S. Simon, PhD, DABT, Rhône-Poulenc


Founded “in 1978 to work toward a safer, healthier world. ILSI is a worldwide foundation that is making a difference in public health by advancing the understanding of scientific issues related to nutrition, food safety, toxicology, and the environment.

Members of ILSI North America (as of July 1996): …

The Procter & Gamble Company 

Serves to “inform and educate scientists, policy makers, the media and the public about the scientific issues affecting the regulatory process.” ISRTP publishes the journal Regualtory Toxicology and Pharmacology. Sponsors include:

    • American Chemistry Council
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
    • Dow AgroSciences, LLC
    • Eastman Kodak Company
    • The Gillette Company
    • Indespec Chemical Corporation
    • Merck and Co., Inc.
    • Procter & Gamble Company
    • RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
    • The Sapphire Group, Inc.
    • Schering-Plough Research Institute
    • SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Proctor and Gamble

At the end of 1991 the company was criticised for continuing to pollute the Fenholloway River with up to 50 million gallons of waste water each day from its cellulose plant in Florida. Fish in the river were being contaminated with dioxin, and water wells in the vicinity were allegedly unsafe to use. Amazingly, all this pollution was within legal limits but state officials are said to be reviewing P&G’s permit at the plant.

They have been frequently accused of uneccesary testing on animals. Total animal use is estimated at about 50,000 per year.In many cases human data on the substance is already available .


The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association.

Known Aliases – Max Factor, Clarion, Colorfast, Cover Girl, Mary Quant, Maxi, Outdoor Girl, Luvs
(nappies), Pampers, Step by Step , Always, Head & Shoulders, Vidal Sassoon, Clearsil, Fairy, Zest, Crest, Ariel, Bold, Daz, Dreft, Fairy, Tide, Bounce, Downy, Cheer, Dash, Era, Gain, Ivory Snow, Oxydol, Tide. Fairy, Head & Shoulders, Ivory, Pantene, Pert Plus, Prell, Vidal Sassoon, (Vicks range) Chloraseptic, Cough Drops, DayQuil, Inhaler, NyQuil, Sinex, VapoRub, VapoSteam, Vicks 44, Vitamin C Drops

Dryer Sheets & Fabric Softner – A Household Toxin


I’ve written about changes I’ve made around the house after Isabella experienced her first eczema outbreak.  Two household items that needed immediate action were my laundry detergent and dryer sheets.  These are the top recommendations when talking to a doctor about what can trigger an atopic eczema outbreak.  It was initially hard for me to part with my Bounce dryer sheets because of years enjoying that smell, but after researching just how harmful dryer sheets are, I’m happy to have eliminated them from my house.  Not only are they a skin irritant…they are actually toxic!  Parents need to think of these sheets as rubbing chemicals on their family’s clothes.

I never stopped to think what, other than the scent from the Bounce sheets, was being left as residue on our clothes.  I shudder to think that I used dryer sheets on my newborn baby’s clothes.  Here are some hidden ingredients: alpha-terpineol, benzyl acetate, camphor, benzyl alcohol, limonene, ethyl acetate, pentane, and chloroform.  Those words sound like Greek? . . . well here are these ingredients potential side-effects:

cause central nervous system disorders, headaches, and loss of muscle coordination;
irritate mucous membranes and impair respiratory function;
cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or drowsiness;
cause liver or kidney damage;
cause skin disorders and allergic reactions;
cause cancer

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High Desert Highwaymen: More Scenes from the Drug War in Treasure Valley

Pro Libertate: High Desert Highwaymen: More Scenes from the Drug War in Treasure Valley

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Here’s the Entire YouTube Contract for Indies

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Windowing, it is an increasingly popular way to hold new music releases back from streaming sites for a limited period of time — often the first week, but sometimes up to a few months (you probably heard of Beyoncé’s revolutionizing success with the strategy).
Windowing ensures that:
1) the artist does not cannibalize her sales during the period in which she’s likely to sell most of her songs, while it
2) gives less enthusiastic fans the opportunity of streaming her music for free on YouTube, Spotify, etc. later.
It has often been argued that Windowing is what keeps the music industry — and iTunes — alive.
That’s why Google’s new contract is so important:
It is the most brutal attack on music and musicians since Napster because it kills Windowing — and thus, it kills music sales.
If you sign it…

Another thing to consider:
Google is going to cut your royalties significantly if their new project goes sideways.
And that happen may very well happen:
According to Forbes, only 7% are willing to pay for the new YouTube. And that number was before consumers knew that thousands of songs will be removed now, either by Google or content owners. It could be 3% or worse today.
So you have to ask yourself:
Am I willing to stream my entire catalog — in return for little or no compensation — for at least 5 years, instead of selling my music from iTunes and everywhere else?
Bear in mind, that a new fantastic alternative to YouTube may appear in a year from now, but you and all your work will be Google’s property for four more years.
That’s a long time.
And don’t forget that you already have alternatives today: You can remove everything you have from YouTube and upload it to Vimeo or Daily Motion instead.

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More Bass Lake, western sierra mountainsMiller

Miller’s Landing Wishon Point

Waking up TOO early to catch a boat

Caught the boat, a vicious chase but successful

Wrangling said boat

Have boat, will float

I’m on a Boat!

We are all on a boat!

Uh-oh…the stalkers again…bringing the kids this time

swimming off the boat

Hi mom, brought the girls did we?

Tubing on the lake

Mom and Dad, again…

Beach, music, and fun

Water frisbee with DB, Nick and Matt

Goose boy

Angel boy


A youngling

Dude, I have to get one of these, they’re fun

Me too

Food time

Sunset on the water

Make straight the paths of the Lord

Ah…das Fro

Silence on the waters

Randy’s birthday gift


Till next time dude

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Getting out in the Sierras for some time in God’s real church

Getting on our way – DB hanging about friend’s RV
EVERYWHERE we went, the geese showed up, no matter where

Goose going for sneak buggle withe DorkBoy

Geese abouts

View from camp…simply perfect

More perfect

General Grant tree 2005

The morning wake up view

Camp messies

Gadzooks! the gang hovering about the Pines

Randy, Matt, and a new family member

The golden green lagoon, our daily hangout

Matt and the camp followers

A motley crew indeed

I’m thinking a cannonball would be good here…

Hanging out with the ducks and geese

Attention all souls! Your happiness is abouts!

Randy at Miller’s Landing…


The cooking begins

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Arto Laurie Fukushima explained

Published on Jun 20, 2014

A Theory of Fukushima – English Subtitles (HAARP & Methane Clutter)
Fukushima & Nuclear Censorship a Worldwide Epidemic

Secret OSS (Forerunner of the CIA) Plans to Trigger Earthquakes & Tsunamis in Japan

Joe Vialls Investigations home pages and mirrors at: , , , ,
Back in 1945 the OSS (forerunner of the present-day CIA) planned to bring the “unbridled brutality of Japanese troops” under control by use of artificially triggered earthquakes. “If we could could get (an atom) bomb within a mile of a point on a fault line (trench) destined to break within 90 years we might set it off …”

Since this secret paper was written, the modern-day CIA has had sixty years to get its nuclear numbers right – just in time for the shattering war crime against South and South-East Asia which murdered more than 300,000 people on December 26, 2004. Joe Vialls

US Government makes Strategic Decision to DOWNPLAY Fukushima (Arnie Gundersen) 8/14/11

Good Evidence Cesium gas…

Japanese Air to be at Least 300 times Worse than Chernobyl (Chris Busby)1/5

Fukushima Radiation 1,000 Times H-Bomb Peak…

Fukushima “A Disaster beyond imagining” – Prof. Chris Busby

Lying Politicians And Words

Fukushima: Lethal Levels of Radiation & the Implications (Arnie Gundersen)

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GreenPeace (long-standing CIA front) founder on global warming SCAM

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Uwantson: "Check Your Privilege" Is An Idiotic Phrase

Uwantson: “Check Your Privilege” Is An Idiotic Phrase

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Smart’ Meter Spying Finally Admitted

by Warren Woodward

Industry mouthpiece SmartGridNews finally admitted that “smart” meters are surveillance devices.  Of course they didn’t quite put it that bluntly.  In fact, they celebrate the ability of utilities to know what appliances people use as another tool to help craft the wonderful world of the future.
Below is my letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission pointing out that industry has finally come out and admitted what I and others have been saying for years. [Note from TBYP: It's important that you send your utility your notice of Non-Consent via registered mail.  Subscribe to our Newsletter for forthcoming document templates, solutions & news -- and see our Solutions page for current links to templates.]
The SmartGridNews article, entitled “Now utilities can tell customers how much energy each appliance uses (just from the smart meter data),” is here.

May 15, 2014
Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
Docket Control Center
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Re: Docket # E-01345A-14-0113
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Here is breaking news. SmartGridNews has just come out of the closet and admitted what I and others have been saying all long: “Smart” meters are surveillance devices.
APS and utilities nationwide have been denying the surveillance capability of “smart” meters but here is one of the foremost “smart” meter cheerleaders in the world finally admitting the truth.
SmartGridNews calls such “smart” grid industry names as Telvent, Silver Spring Networks and Lockheed Martin its “major sponsors”. So of course the news story attempts to put a positive spin on the surveillance, hyping such nonsense as an “over 4% conservation [of energy] after just a few months”.
Wow, that means I might save four whole dollars and change on a one hundred dollar electrical bill. Where do I sign up to be spied on?
Enclosed is the SmartGridNews article, Now utilities can tell customers how much energy each appliance uses (just from the smart meter data).
Warren Woodward

PS – In the article, note the creepy picture of a guy dressed in black and using binoculars. SmartGridNews is shameless to promote Peeping Toms as cool. Note also Orwellian phrasing such as “behavioral science“ and turning ratepayers into “willing partners“. It’s not a “smart” grid; it’s a sick grid.

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Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War

At first blush, the title of this post could be perceived as somewhat hyperbolic by those who still have an impression of America’s police departments as bastions of safety, designed “to protect and to serve” the population of the “land of the free.” However, said impression would be promptly washed away upon reading an article in today’s NYT which citing Pentagon data, reveals that under the Obama administration, “police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.
Which begs the question: just who is America’s police force, and by extension the Obama administration, which is behind this quiet militarization of local police forces with weapons that would normally be seen in a warzone, preparing for war against?
And while we already documented America’s conversation to a turnkey totalitarian banana republic (confirmed over a year later by Edward Snowden), behold America’s conversion to a police state:

In the past we have occasionally covered the slow (but sure) conversion of America’s Police force into an army, fully loaded with the latest weapons and equipments, not even we had an idea of the full extent of what was going on behind the scenes. As the NYT describes, all of the above-mentioned equipment “has been added to the armories of police departments that already look and act like military units. Police SWAT teams are now deployed tens of thousands of times each year, increasingly for routine jobs. Masked, heavily armed police officers in Louisiana raided a nightclub in 2006 as part of a liquor inspection. In Florida in 2010, officers in SWAT gear and with guns drawn carried out raids on barbershops that mostly led only to charges of “barbering without a license.
Surely in an age when the NSA managed to eradicated all terrorism (oh oops, Boston bombing, we forgot, just ignore that), the mantra that a “weapon unused is a useless weapon” has never rang more true, but dispatching crack police team to handle rogue “barbers”? Sadly, that may be just a harbinger of the crackdowns the US police state will unleash shortly on anyone even the least bit guilty of violating some law or regulation. Or maybe completely innocent, just guilty of sparking the USPD’s curiosity.
Meet the new normal SWAT: new, improved and, well, everywhere:

The number of SWAT teams has skyrocketed since the 1980s, according to studies by Peter B. Kraska, an Eastern Kentucky University professor who has been researching the issue for decades…. The ubiquity of SWAT teams has changed not only the way officers look, but also the way departments view themselves. Recruiting videos feature clips of officers storming into homes with smoke grenades and firing automatic weapons. In Springdale, Ark., a police recruiting video is dominated by SWAT clips, including officers throwing a flash grenade into a house and creeping through a field in camouflage.

The rationale for the weaponization of the US police force is simple: it’s yours if you want it. Also, it’s free.

The Pentagon program does not push equipment onto local departments. The pace of transfers depends on how much unneeded equipment the military has, and how much the police request. Equipment that goes unclaimed typically is destroyed. So police chiefs say their choice is often easy: Ask for free equipment that would otherwise be scrapped, or look for money in their budgets to prepare for an unlikely scenario. Most people understand, police officers say.

In the meantime, this is where the build up has come from…

Congress created the military-transfer program in the early 1990s, when violent crime plagued America’s cities and the police felt outgunned by drug gangs. Today, crime has fallen to its lowest levels in a generation, the wars have wound down, and despite current fears, the number of domestic terrorist attacks has declined sharply from the 1960s and 1970s.

Police departments, though, are adding more firepower and military gear than ever. Some, especially in larger cities, have used federal grant money to buy armored cars and other tactical gear. And the free surplus program remains a favorite of many police chiefs who say they could otherwise not afford such equipment. Chief Wilkinson said he expects the police to use the new truck rarely, when the department’s SWAT team faces an armed standoff or serves a warrant on someone believed to be dangerous.

Today, Chief Wilkinson said, the police are trained to move in and save lives during a shooting or standoff, in contrast to a generation ago — before the Columbine High School massacre and others that followed it — when they responded by setting up a perimeter and either negotiating with, or waiting out, the suspect.

… and where it is going.

In South Carolina, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s website features its SWAT team, dressed in black with guns drawn, flanking an armored vehicle that looks like a tank and has a mounted .50-caliber gun. Capt. Chris Cowan, a department spokesman, said the vehicle “allows the department to stay in step with the criminals who are arming themselves more heavily every day.” He said police officers had taken it to schools and community events, where it was a conversation starter.

Not everyone agrees that there is a need for such vehicles. Ronald E. Teachman, the police chief in South Bend, Ind., said he decided not to request a mine-resistant vehicle for his city. “I go to schools,” he said. “But I bring ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’ ”

The people are said to believe the explanation:

When you explain that you’re preparing for something that may never happen, they get it,” said Capt. Tiger Parsons of the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office in northwest Missouri, which recently received a mine-resistant truck.

You mean like the Fed stepping back from propping the global capital markets? Or like Caesar taking over Rome and only then handing over the power to the people?
But however you explain it and whatever you call it, don’t call it overkill, no pun intended. Actually call it overkill.

Pentagon data suggest how the police are arming themselves for such worst-case scenarios. Since 2006, the police in six states have received magazines that carry 100 rounds of M-16 ammunition, allowing officers to fire continuously for three times longer than normal. Twenty-two states obtained equipment to detect buried land mines.

In the Indianapolis suburbs, officers said they needed a mine-resistant vehicle to protect against a possible attack by veterans returning from war.

“You have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build I.E.D.’s and to defeat law enforcement techniques,” Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department told the local Fox affiliate, referring to improvised explosive devices, or homemade bombs. Sergeant Downing did not return a message seeking comment.

The police in 38 states have received silencers, which soldiers use to muffle gunfire during raids and sniper attacks. Lauren Wild, the sheriff in rural Walsh County, N.D., said he saw no need for silencers. When told he had 40 of them for his county of 11,000 people, Sheriff Wild confirmed it with a colleague and said he would look into it. “I don’t recall approving them,” he said.

Funny how that happens. Because that’s the whole point: if the police department is there to protect the people, shouldn’t the people decide how the police is armed? Apparently not. Then again, the light bulb did go over some heads.

At the Neenah City Council, Mr. Pollnow is pushing for a requirement that the council vote on all equipment transfers. When he asks about the need for military equipment, he said the answer is always the same: It protects police officers.

“Who’s going to be against that? You’re against the police coming home safe at night?” he said. “But you can always present a worst-case scenario. You can use that as a framework to get anything.”

Chief Wilkinson said he was not interested in militarizing Neenah. But officers are shot, even in small towns. If there were an affordable way to protect his people without the new truck, he would do it.

“I hate having our community divided over a law enforcement issue like this. But we are,” he said. “It drives me to my knees in prayer for the safety of this community every day. And it convinced me that this was the right thing for our community.”

Great, absolutely. Now just open it up for a vote and le the community itself decide!
Which brings us back to the original question: as the NYT succinctly summarizes the situation, “as President Obama ushers in the end of what he called America’s “long season of war,” the former tools of combat — M-16 rifles, grenade launchers, silencers and more — are ending up in local police departments, often with little public notice.”
 Perhaps that sentence needs some qualification: as Obama, humiliated on the international arena by everyone, from Assad to Putin and back, and desperately seeking to avoid future embarrassment, redeploys weapons of mass murder, why is he seeking to put said weapons – many of which are of the offensive kind – not out to pasture but in America’s very own back yard? Just who does Obama plan to wage his next, and hopefully last, war against? The good news is that everyone will get sufficient advance notice before said war begins by the squadrons of weaponized drones sent out to test the ground, and inflict the “accidental” collateral damage casualty, or million.

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