Posted by: the daily messenger | April 13, 2011

The new security friendly fascism coming to a city near you, starting in Frisco

San Francisco wants everyone who ever enters any kind of bar, pub, restuarant, club, or venue to be photographed and ID’d prior to entrance. They are PASSING THIS LAW. In addition to the obvious 4th ammendment violations, this allows bouncers and bar owners access to all your personal data in your wallet…and they must have an uplink with SFPD in real time. Is this America or the Soviet Union, because i cannot tell the difference any more. Wait…they don’t do this in Russia…ah…


Notice of Hearing on Proposed Adoption of Rules

Related to Security

at Places of Entertainment and One Time Events
These rules may cover the proposed permit conditions, summarized below, presented by the San Francisco Police Department for consideration by the Entertainment Commission.

Proposed Rules

These Conditions shall apply to all EC permitted events with an anticipated occupancy capacity of over one hundred (100) individuals.

1. (a) Security personnel shall be provided in a ratio one (1) guard for every fifty (50) patrons. (b) A security supervisor shall be provided at a ratio of one (1) supervisor for every four (4) guards.

2. All individuals entering the premises shall be scanned by a metal detector.

3. All occupants of the premises shall be ID Scanned (including patrons, promoters, and performers, etc.). ID scanning data shall be maintained on a data storage system for no less than 15 days and shall be made available to local law enforcement upon request.

4. High visibility cameras shall be located at each entrance and exit point of the premises. Said cameras shall maintain a recorded data base for no less than fifteen (15 days) and made available to local law enforcement upon request.

5. The exterior of the premises shall be equipped with lighting of sufficient power to illuminate and make easily discernible the appearance and conduct of all persons on or about the premises. Additionally, the position of such lighting shall not disturb the normal privacy and use of any neighboring residences.

6. The premises shall provide a Security Plan acceptable to the Chief of Police which includes a Security proposal and EC Best Practices, collectively referred to as a Security Plan.

7. All Security personnel that protect life and/or property shall maintain a current and valid California Department of Consumer Affairs Guard Card and shall comply with all rules and regulations governing the Card.

8. At all times the premises is open to the public a readily identifiable Manager employed by the EC permit holder shall be on-site.

9. All Federal, State, and Local permits, required posting, including but not limited to occupancy, shall be posted in a conspicuous location clearly visibly to the public. Said permits shall be maintained valid and current.

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