Posted by: the daily messenger | August 28, 2011

A Dangerous trend in 2011

A Dangerous trend in 2011

by Don Bradley

This year has witnessed a rise in public unrest all over the globe, mainly in the big cities. Starting in Paris the previous year and – so far – culminating in London, these terrible riots are often blamed on “something”; but the true causes of them are much more sinister. Varying so-called “truthers” (network shills working for the intelligence community) support the maintained claims that this is a reaction to the N.W.O. and as such, are honest rebellions.

But is it?

If that were an accurate analysis of the events, wouldn’t they be devoid of satanic fingerprints?

Why do these riots target innocent middle class business owners and no one else, certainly not the rich, powerful, and most definitely satanic overlords of the N.W.O?

Why are they timed to Witches Sabbaths and New Moons? Or, as most of these events are overtly keyed to, as is everything else these days from school schedules to major events, on the 20th to 22nd of each month, the time of zodiacal shifts to new houses.

The answer is obvious in the extreme. The network itself, in conjunction with covens, grottos, and low-grade intelligence assets, are themselves the creators of these events. And why?

Because they need to reinforce chaos. They need to maintain their massive budgets, while billions starve to oblivion. They need bad guys, especially when none are available or willing or stupid enough to go head to head with the enormously huge police state apparatus already in place. And as they cannot find real terrorists, they make false-flag events to justify their continuing stranglehold over this planet.

That’s why.

In addition to this, so-called elements in the “truth” movement and alternative press (many CIA fronts and assets) are using these assets to try and get people to rise up. They do it with Youtube videos, their shill blog sites, and on the radio.

But no one is biting.

It’s an established fact that all the “terrorists” the FBI and DHS have arrested in the last twenty years were their very own patsies, setup and funded from the get-go to take part in some kind of drill, that they were then arrested for – only realizing too late they were taken for an agency ride and now locked in some Federal black hole, never to be heard from again.

The stupidest thing in the world any person can do is to create, abet, and encourage chaos, destruction, and attacks. This is madness. Anti-Christ. Pure evil. Only dark hearts would ever consider such things or in acting out in such a fashion. It’s against every good and noble impulse from a decent soul. Gandhi

knew this, spoke about it, and freed India without violence or terrorism.

The key is non-cooperation with evil. Simply stop doing it. The more that folks resist evil in their own realities, the more evil will fail. Each person in their own way, knows good from evil. And evil must be exposed for what it is and every time. Darkness cannot stand the light of truth.

Think about it.

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