Posted by: the daily messenger | January 23, 2012

Rule 9

9) When a bro is showing his bro’s his new ride, he is always required to open the hood and showcase the contents. All bros present are required to admire the content, even if they know nothing about cars.

This is good bro practice because every man in the world should know how to tinker with their vehicle. Its just good game, to be able to take care of your own ride, and show off your skill and prowess with something that boggles the minds of others. Because all bros should know something about cars means that all bros must show around what is under their hoods.
Even though all bros should be mechanically minded doesn’t mean that they are. In fact the opposite is true, most bros know almost nothing about cars. And even though these bros know absolutely nothing about that which is their transportation, their pride, and their joy; they like to pretend they know all there is to know. 
Therefore, when a bro gets a new ride and showcases the ride and the contents of the hood to his bros, admiration of said car and contents is required. If there should be one or two bros there who do know what the hell that shiny chrome part does, they shall not be absolute D-bags and ruin it for everyone. 
The reason that every bro should be able to rip out and install a new transmission in his primary vehicle is for many reasons. 1) the sheer badassness of being able to do this sort of thing is pretty cool. 2) In the future, should you for whatever reason have your car break down, it’ll be totally awesome to show off to your girl/bros that you know why it broke, and how to fix it. 3) Don’t get reamed by mechanics when your car does eventually break down.
A bro should always endeavor to be the very best in whatever he puts his mind to. The complacent loser like mindset that is the backsliding of the average American male stops with you my bros. Just because you endeavor to succeed doesn’t mean you cant just chill out and relax, it just means that when you go to work on something, you play for keeps.
Keep the stoke bros, and don’t let party stop!


  1. Plauing for keeps…indeed.


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