Posted by: the daily messenger | February 3, 2012

Rule 14

14) A bro shall never make another bro ashamed for hooking up with a girl. Even if she was truly nasty, a bro will make excuses for his bro. Example, “you were drunk so…”

Sometimes dudes just slum it. And by sluming it we mean that they don’t just bend their standards a bit, they really ignore them. We are talking about doing something with someone when under normal circumstances it would never happen. Monogamy and fidelity are all well and good virtues that are still valued by a fair number in our time and more so when long term relationships are concerned. But in the dating world when you are young, sleeping around is the thing.
Each generation is more messed up than the last from someone’s viewpoint, always. Understand that you and your bros are young and living the life (under 35 and single). Cherish it and have fun, everyone knows to do this. So when your bro hooks up with a girl, thou shalt not give him shit for it lest shit be given upon you. 
There are few reasons a bro might slum it, many of them previously discussed on this blog. One is beer goggles. It is a well known fact that things look way more awesome when you’re drunk. That nasty, greasy pizza. The girl that never had a boyfriend throughout high school and is now being flirty with you at the party. 
There are things that people don’t normally do because of common sense and prior reasoning that they do a lot under the influence. AKA Stupid shit. The phrase “stupid shit” covers everything from streaking to sluming it. 
So even if shes hot or not, don’t ever give your bro crap for his dating choices. Sober or not you must always have your bros back. If you feel you need to bring one of your bros errors into the light then do so discreetly, and if you are a blundering ass then at least have the common sense to pull him aside and keep it private. 
Remember bros, your message may be righteous but if your delivery of the message is terrible than your bro won’t hear it. Speak the truth, but speak it in a language that gets heard. AKA being a cocky douche may get you chicks, but being awesome and understanding with your bros is what counts. 
Keep the peace my bros, and party hard this weekend!

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