Posted by: the daily messenger | February 5, 2012

Rule 15

15) If a bro is terrible at sports, excuses may be made, no matter how bad they are. Good bros will start to play worse so that their bro doesn’t look so bad.

The inner workings that comprise the backbone of this rule are based upon the well founded beliefs that not every bro has to be a sports douche. Being a bro is recognizing the bond of awesomeness between a dude and his dudes. It is not a label upon which to slap merchandise and douche slurs to. 
It is highly common to even observe a guy a wearing a certain style of clothing and acting a certain way, and you make a mental note that this guy looks like a bro. All the No Fear clothing and Rock Star energy drinks does not make a guy a bro. It just shows that he has an identity crisis that he is dealing with.
Bros be forewarned of this type of behavior! Your fellow bros will always have your back even if you decide to change how you do things and what you wear. But seriously, don’t be a douche. Just be yourself.
A bro does not have to be a sports fan, or be good at sports, or even be able to hold his liquor. A bro does just have to be awesome. Playing a sport is an awesome pass time with your friends and doesn’t always have to be a competition. Therefore bros, have a heart and look out for your bros out on the field/court/surf. 
And above all else, if the chicks are watching and a bro isn’t particularly good at a sport, “its not my day” is the only acceptable excuse to be made. A bad ass dude doesn’t even make that beta-male apology.
Keep the peace my bros!

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