Posted by: the daily messenger | February 11, 2012

Reddit is the Satanic Network

We ran all the analytics on the web traffic from Reddit. Within two hours of signing up, we were blocked. Every site, blog, the works.

Pretty fast, wasn’t it?

For a late friday night, weekend thing.

The “community” has reach into all things and has its people controlling everything.

Now, reddit has banned me from linking altogether. To anything. Anywhere.

I see…

When someone is blacklisted by the Beast System, you see it, feel it, live it. As I have for a very long, long time.

They even suppress the stats of these blogs, web sites, youtube, everything. They keep the ad rates so low, that they can never, regardless of traffic volume, ever rise beyond a small bag of pennies per day.

Analytics reviewing traffic info reveals that these sites and others receive over 10,000 + visitors every day.

But you don’t see that number on the counters. In fact, most of the counters go backward from time to time.


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