Posted by: the daily messenger | December 29, 2013

The numbers of FUCKASHIMA (how it is pronounce by the Japanese, but they changed the phonetics in the west, for whatever reason+Organic gardening in Ventura Calif) are woefully understated, intentionally

Do not believe these numbers, instead realize that they know the effects will be so great that these are the smallest numbers that anyone will be deceived by in a year or so.

I do not know the background, political or industry relationships of these people. Perhaps they are honest but we have seen little of that. Most likely they wish to contain the public perceptions of danger once the deaths and cancers increase at an exponential rate. If you contain it by saying a million or 100,000 you can deceive by throwing all the bodies into that pot you’ve created. At some point the deaths increase too fast for the public to believe anymore but putting out these low ball numbers buys them time.

I’ll say it again. Immediately after the accident Arnie Gundersen advised people on the west coast NOT to take iodine tablets. WHY did he minimize the dangers? Due to his education he cannot be that incompetent, he knew what he was doing to those people. How many thyroid cancers could have been prevented on the west coast if people had taken precautions at that time? Gundersen will not admit the coriums are out of containment, not only does he represent them as being within the building but he will not admit they have breached secondary containment. Arnie “Minimizer in Chief” Gundersen is what at best “controlled opposition”, or worst. I say worse.

Gunderson is a well-poisoner…

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