Posted by: the daily messenger | March 31, 2014

Gerson Therapy miracle part II

On January 14 of 2014, I began to experience increasingly painful lower abdominal stomach cramps that showered me with lacerating pains from front to back and side to side. These increased in severity and were continuous; never letting up and within a few days had me laid out, unable to eat or sleep, and in a state of unbearable chronic pain.

Within 5 days, I could barely walk or go a few minutes before the next wave of cramps and knives laid me out panting for breath and unable to move. The slightest movement seemed to set off the next round of attacks that sometimes lasted several minutes. As anyone knows who has experienced such mind-numbing chronic pain, every second feels like a century. Then the cramps eased off a tad, and lo and behold, I found a large, hardened mass where my appendix should be. I could not eat, only drink clear juices or the like. Any attempt of food was impossible and only set off a 30 hour chain of escalating cramps, etc.

A visit to the hospital had confirmed a burst appendix, which had necrotized and had then poisoned the cecum and adjoining areas into a condition of typhlitis – the sigmoid colon had hardened and was non-functioning. The doctors wanted to operate, intending to remove the offending appendix and TEN FEET of my colon. This they assured me was necessary for my survival, as this condition was most certainly fatal in nearly all cases.

So, there I was lying on the hospital bed, thinking through my options. They could either hack me to pieces, to “save me” or what…?

Two days before, I awoke with a clear message to do the Gerson therapy. This I started at once, knowing all too well its efficacy. 4 years ago, it saved my son Matthew’s hand from surgery that had left several feet of nylon sutures in his muscle tissue and a left hand he could no longer use. For the rest of his life. The Gerson therapy fixed that and his hand looks entirely normal. Even the surgical scars have long ago disappeared.

Gerson therapy pushing out nylon sutures through the skin

So, I told the doctors NO, I wouldn’t let them operate on me and began the therapy in earnest. That was 65 days ago.

The 3 1/2 in hardened mass is gone and the tyhplitis is 90 percent healed with the organs and cecum functioning again. No surgery and I got to keep all my stuff the good Lord gave me at birth.

I go weekly for a checkup with the doctor and this internal surgeon cannot believe that detoxing and diet can do what he has witnessed it do. I’m sure, in time, his programming will tell him that this is impossible and even he will say no such thing occurred.

Trusting in the Lord’s advice to do this therapy and the Gerson therapy itself, saved me from the endless surgery and a much reduced life. Now, even though I am still on the therapy and need a few more months to safely tie off this event, I am me again, and from the 3rd week on, was walking around, doing, being, and getting back on track with my life.

The Gerson therapy saved my life. Thank you Max and Charlotte Gerson, for being there. And thanks God I listened and obeyed and trusted His ever blessed advice.

Don Bradley
March 31. 2014

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