Posted by: the daily messenger | April 8, 2014

Desert Tortoise and Agenda 21 fascism – family to be assassinated by Feds for standing up to Nazis

As it happens, I recently met one of two biologists who were working for the Federal government specifically as regards the desert tortoise in California, Nevada, etc. As most programmed network droids, they didn’t give a hoot in hades about human beings – except for themselves and their protected incomes – and were all bleeding hearts over a tortoise. The network, using the UN and Agenda 21, hires vetted slugs to do any kind of research to justify taking land away from people and kicking them out of the country and back into the slave conditions of urban realities, as has been happening all over the mojave desert communities in the last few years. Entire counties of forests – once wonderful places to go camping and recreating have been closed since 2007. Only fat burly park service people can go in there and they drive around heavily armed looking for anyone with the temerity to go “roughing it” for a few days. Camping out in America runs the same risks as bank robbers do.

I know this because I have witnessed it myself and have personally experienced their heavy-handed ways in bullying people out of campgrounds and the forest. Any time you drive through a forest in the western US, it doesn’t take long before the Feds show up asking what you are doing. “Get back in your car; keep moving.” they sneer. Odd warnings from native Americans of the 19th century now come back to haunt us in our century: “what the white devils did to us, will happen to you…”

Now we are experiencing the same kind of harsh belligerence all the various indigenous tribes underwent, but with a vastly unique difference. The populace under the boot are often part of it; programmed with save the forests, Earth Day, global warming, and many other agency programs designed to coerce the many by the few that their new slavery is all for the best, just not for them.

The bundy’s are just a target of death to be splattered all over the news as a warning to others. They are already setting them up for the big kill and are keeping people out of their area so THERE ARE NO WITNESSES THAT CAN EXPOSE THEIR GESTAPO KILL TACTICS.

The truth is that people, cattle, sheep, etc, are a BENEFIT to the wildlife and tortoise. Since the government started kicking everyone and every thing out, the tortoise populations ARE ACTUALLY GOING DOWN NOT UP. 

So the truth is really before us. The tortoise is just another of many excuses to get people who are SELF-SUSTAINING AND FREE, back into urbanized slave conditions of over-crowding, as can be seen in any city. This is how they do.

The closure last summer of all the forest and the armed eviction of 4 million vacationers was just a dress-rehearsal for the big Martial Law exterminate they are planning. That was a dry run. In the meantime, they kick people out with phony and endless zoning nonsense and push them back onto the grid and back into enforced slavery.

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