Posted by: the daily messenger | August 14, 2014

X marks the spot

It’s been quite obvious to researchers for some 20 years or more that the application of X on every single thing from products, to memes, to federal agencies, corporations, school games, lunch programs, automobiles, et al are a keying in of two satanic realities:

1. the Mark of the Beast

2. As in HEX, a satanic ritual designed to produce a magical effect.

This powerful combination is entirely and wholly satanic in nature and is no accident, but rather a planned and smoothly executed global black magic technique to ensure the eventual and total enslavement of the world to dark powers.

It works like this.

The high priest(ess) witches and wizards work out a new product of deodorant. They create a satanic symbol which is then HEXED in ritual and the same with the product logo. These are now magical talismans keyed to demonic realms and spirits. Even the actual product itself is likewise hexed in ritual magic, usually involving human sacrifice of some kind.

Now you have a product that is on every shelf, gets big promotion dollars, is backed by a huge and powerful corporation and when used, you partake of the magic. In short, its effects work on you whether you are aware of it or not. By using it, you are GIVING CONSENT TO THE MAGIC. Like drinking a beer – you agree to what it does to you, regardless of your understanding of how alcohol works in the human body.

The same goes for anything from cars to even ideas and literary forms of writing and speech, such as Generation X… 

Even NASA has a space program using X.

Knowing the above what is the big satanic meme of summer 2014?


Who is also the satanic queen of all the evil realms, and goes by many names: Lilith, Semeraimus, Diana, Venus, etc.

Don Bradley

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