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Satanic Hit squads do exist – to remove non-complaint coven members and egotists that are less than the desired obedience

Cotton Club killers’
satanic links buried
by Jeffrey Steinberg

Over eight years after they schemed to kidnap and execute
Broadway impresario Roy Radin, the four defendants in the
infamous “Cotton Club” murder case were found guilty on
July 22 after a nine-month trial in Los Angeles Superior
Court. Two of the defendants, William Malony Mentzer and
Alex Marti, could be sent to the gas chamber for their part in
the killing. The other two, Karen Delayne Greenberger and
Robert Ulmer Lowe, will automatically be sentenced to life
in prison without parole.

Roy Radin was kidnaped in Hollywood on May 13, 1983
as he was arriving for a dinner appointment with Greenberger,
a well-known West Coast cocaine trafficker linked to
the Medellin Cartel. Radin and Greenberger were ostensibly
meeting to resolve a dispute that arose over their plans to
help finance a Hollywood movie about the Prohibition-era
Harlem speakeasy, the Cotton Club. Robert Evans, the onetime
chief of production at Paramount Pictures, was to produce
the film. To this day, prosecutors and some witnesses
say that Evans was behind the hit order against Radin.
On the surface it was a sordid tale of illegal narcotics
money funding a big-time Hollywood movie project.
Beneath the surface, the Cotton Club murder was a satanic
ritualistic killing by a new occult Murder, Inc. taking
revenge on one of its own. The “Friday the 13th” execution
of Radin in a desolate canyon outside of Los Angeles was
conducted in satanic ritualistic fashion: 13 bullets to the back
of the head; a Bible left near the body, opened to a passage
from the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 22, which reads in part,
“Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die.”
No mention of the ritualistic nature of the killing was
made at trial.
Totally missing as well from the Cotton Club trial was
any reference to Roy Radin’s known links to a New York
and Long Island occult circle which had been purchasing
cocaine from members of the “Son of Sam” cult of convicted
mass murderer David Berkowitz. Sources familiar with the
satanic demimonde believe that Radin was a member of the
Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult secret society founded by
the infamous British satanist from the turn of the century
Aleister Crowley.
And, most glaringly missing, was the real profile of the
convicted trigger-man William Malony Mentzer, who was
identified by David Berkowitz as “Manson II.”
68 National
Investigative writer Maury Terry, in his book The Ultimate
Evil which profiles the Son of Sam murders, provided
conclusive evidence that Mentzer had been deeply involved
in satanic circles dating back to his late-1960s association
with mass murderer Charles Manson and the Process Church
of the Final Judgment. Mentzer was part of a nationwide
occult killer squad that was responsible for the Son of Sam
murders of the mid-1970s. According to Terry’s account,
Mentzer carried out at least one of the New York City “Sam”
killings and may have also been responsible for an earlier
occult murder on the campus Of Stanford University in California
on behalf of the group.
Subsequent to the arrest of David Berkowitz and the murderers
of a half-dozen other members of the killer cult, Mentzer
helped found a nationwide satanic private club called
Magick Island. At the time of the Radin murder, Mentzer
was a trusted bodyguard for pornography publisher Larry
The WerDell murder and national security
Even as the Radin saga was playing out from coast to
coast, Mentzer’s boss Larry Flynt was engaged in his own
high-stakes dirty deal: the effort to blackmail then-President
Ronald Reagan with doctored porn films claiming to show
the President engaging in sex with a prostitute. According to
several eyewitnesses, Flynt was trying desperately to sell the
phony X-rated film to sink Reagan. He was meeting with Los
Angeles representatives of the Soviet KGB, attempting to
extract several million dollars from the Russian secret police
for the movies. It was his own version of political “Helter
Skelter,” and it had some national security officials back in
Washington worried enough to enlist the services of OSSCIA
unconventional warfare. veteran Mitchell Livingston
WerBell III to get inside the Flynt organization and defeat
the scheme.
WerBell paid with his life for that effort. In December
1983, according to family and eyewitness accounts, WerBell
was poisoned while meeting; in a Los Angeles hotel with
the very men now convicted of the Radin killing: satanist
Mentzer and Alex Marti. Another man present when WerBell
was fed a lethal dose of poison in a glass of Scotch whisky,
was William Rider, the brother-in-law of Larry Flynt and a
man who would later surface as the government’s chief witness
against the Radin killers. •
The WerBell murder remains on the books as a death by
natural causes. The full story of the Flynt espionage scheme
remains buried in some national security archives in Washington.
And worst of all, the satanic Murder, Inc. to which
Mentzer swore his allegiance, still exists intact. While the
state of California may have served justice in one respect
by packing four hardened criminals off to jail, it may have
inadvertently contributed to the growth of a horrifying new
killer elite by failing to pursue the whole truth behind the
Cotton Club case.
EIR August 23, 1991

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