Posted by: the daily messenger | November 8, 2014

If the government counted unemployment as they did for 200 years, the real numbers nationally would be around 24 to 32%

Job cut announcements: 414000 and change. This is the usual, too. Yet unemployment numbers keep going down. Doesn’t make sense, when you look at all the massive lay-offs by corporations and the fact that Obamacare decimated the hiring practices of small businesses.

The MSM keeps pointing out the stock market, of which only a well to do percentage of Americans have any hand in. More than 97% of the country cannot afford to gamble in the big casino. They are far too busy struggling to hold it together with declining wages and an annual inflation rate of 14%.

But if you have a vetted government job due to satanic affiliations or some minority status (gay, lesbian, etc.) then wow. you are first to get hired, last to get fired. I know a lesbian that has bankruptcies and enormous walk-away situations with lenders, and she still gets leases, new cars, and anything she wants. All she has to do is reveal her coven affiliation and lesbian status and all is forgiven. Can you do that?

Neither can I.

We live in a bipolar world. Those with money and network vetted get an America of endless opportunities. The rest dig out cans from trash receptacles.

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