Posted by: the daily messenger | November 9, 2014


Ebola! Everybody run and hide!

That’s what the government wants you to think. Be afraid. Be VERY AFRAID. The dark side loves their fear modalities. They are always, month to month, season to season, pitching some kind of fear mongering device that their shills then sell in the MSM and alternative newsies.

In the first clip, the narrator suggests that the Ebola brouhaha is an elaborate mind control device.

You have to admit – he has a point. The evidence is there and it’s quite a pile. All the players in this meme seem to sport pre-printed GREEN shirts or wristbands, no matter where or what country.

Especially about the CNN reporter’s shirt – how is that neckline accidental?

Still not sure? 

Make sure you look at the second video started at 2:00. Even more
elaborate scheme involving clothing – and the color green (!) – was used
to sell women on the idea that developing a tobacco addiction was a
good idea.

They did this a few years back with the “orange revolution” that showed up everywhere and in product adverts, et al. Then it was purple. Then Black. Then red. They rotate through the colors and everyone from the media to corporations, movies, etc, all do it at the same time, like a HIVE MIND. This is how covens work.

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