Posted by: the daily messenger | December 12, 2014


According to several reviews on Amazon = by the hundreds = and personal experience with rain gauges being sold in box hardware stores, it seems the rain gauges the public are being sold are woefully off by 50 to 100 percent; rain gauges that mislead and misrepresent the true rainfall are everywhere.

This has been thoroughly tested by myself and many others, including engineers. The rain gauge reviews on Amazon are so many that it is obvious they are INTENTIONALLY LYING ABOUT THE RAINFALL, ESPECIALLY  IN THE WEST so as to create a drought atmosphere and mindset programming.

This is so, because they are undoing the water rights in the western United States and turning all wells, natural ponds, springs, and rainfall into GOVERNMENT OWNED elements. This causes everyone to pay extremely high prices for water, limits supply, and extends control and slavery of the masses by yet another vector.

It’s not about the money. They already control it. It’s about controlling water and without water, nothing can live. No water rights equals no existence without being on THEIR grid and paying through the nose. You can live on water, sunshine and farming. But if someone else controls  your water and mineral rights, you HAVE TO PAY TO EXIST, and that’s what they want. Final control over every survival aspect of basic living.

Go to amazon; read the reviews, and realize rain gauges are being designed and sold that are UNDER REPORTING the TRUE RAINFALL. 

Go on the internet and learn how to make your own accurate rain gauge. It’s easy to do with household items and costs virtually nothing to make a dead accurate rain gauge.

Every rain storm that comes through our area is being heavily under reported so they can keep up the drought lies to get their fascist legislation through and keep the vegetables programmed.

Do your own critical thinking. Check it out with the facts. Then get the truth. Then act accordingly.

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