Posted by: the daily messenger | September 21, 2015

Rebekah Roth was a flight attendant for 30 years who studied the four flights that were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She says the flight attendants who made cell-phone calls could only have done so if the planes were on the ground.

This is merely one element of an intriguing scenario, backed by compelling evidence at every point, that the flights were commandeered by newly installed remote-control systems designed to land planes safely in the event of a hijack – and that the flight crews likely were told that it was part of a military anti-terrorist exercise that they knew was underway on that day. She introduces vital evidence that, until now, has been completely unknown to the 9/11 Truth movement, including the history and professional connections of many of those on board. From that, it is not difficult to imagine two categories of passengers: a small number on each flight who claimed to be in charge of the so-called military exercise and the rest as innocent and cooperating victims. The highly publicized phone calls from other passengers are shown to be either highly unlikely or totally impossible, which means they were fabricated. You will not be prepared for the information about the so-called Israeli art students who had a small room on the 91st floor of the Twin Towers, who were later found to be explosive experts, and who were photographed in that room standing next to stacks of boxes containing fuses. Like the Apollo fraud, everything about 911 doesn’t stand up to any kind of even the most casual scrutiny. These people are real dirtbags.

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