Posted by: the daily messenger | October 30, 2016

Casting doubt by crying "conspiracy" is the same them as crying "racism" to promote unlimited immigration. Its to stifle discussion AND THOUGHT, because thought is a part and parcel of critical thinking.

The covens are putting their grand druid witch into the White House. The Jezebel spirit returns to rule with authority. Fortunately, the devils who are complicit in this affair will be punished quickly and decisively

Hillary will still win due to electronic vote fraud – of which SOROS owned/ controlled machines are used in 16 states. The continuing PROOF of the greatest vote fraud ever is revealed each day.
The masses will see the usual  51-49% split or similar close result and as usual cry out “Oh, we were so close, we’ll get it next time.”

Elect Hillary
Sign your death sentence.
Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot

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