Posted by: the daily messenger | May 29, 2017

We are in a Great Depression, no matter how much hopium the media spews.

In April 1990, 8.7 million Americans were self-employed, but today only 8.4 million Americans are self-employed.

Of course our population has grown much, much larger since that time.  In 1990, there were 249 million people living in the United States, but today there are 321 million people living in this country, most of them illegal migrants on the dole or taking what few jobs still available that didn’t go to China, but were easy to get because they did the same work cheaper per hour and couldn’t complain to OSHA about dangerous work conditions.

Our population in 1990 had full local employment and 60 million less people than now, and even so, we still had more farm workers and owners than we do today. Plus, we have the lucky fortune of being in a time and place where “kill whitey” is the new meme of the land, and NO PROSECUTION, EXCEPT AS A SLAP ON THE WRIST, as many are and have experienced day after day.

 Hey America? Is today your KILL WHITEY day? Cops won’t pursue, courts won’t prosecute, and and your neighbors will all smirk and laugh and yell at you with jingoistic hate whitey slogans they spout from the satanic left as you wallow in your grief. 

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