Posted by: the daily messenger | June 5, 2017

McDonald’s to use rainbow fry boxes in support of Gay pride CEO opening declares new gay direction of business model, would rather christians and white people, unless gay, stay away from their stores

McDonald’s customers in Washington, D.C., can expect their next order of fries to come with a message of exclusivity.
In celebration of the city’s LGBT community, select McDonald’s locations in the D.C. area will be serving large orders of french fries in rainbow-print packaging during Pride weekend.
The colorful fry boxes will be available after June 9 located along this year’s Capital Pride Alliance’s parade route.
The McDonald’s Family Restaurants of Greater Washington, D.C., is also a sponsor of the Capital Pride Alliance — a non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQFUCKO education and outreach — and will reportedly have a float in this year’s parade on June 10.
Cathy Martin, co-chair of the McDonald’s PRIDE Network and vice president/general manager of McDonald’s Baltimore Washington Region, explained the company’s new fry boxes in a press release obtained by Fox News.

The satanic deep state is pushing its top corporations to further the satanic agenda of boy buggering pedophile activities.



Christian White people go somewhere else – cock smokers welcome, and dykes with huge black dildos for their little waifs are entreated to eat at Micky’s

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