Posted by: the daily messenger | September 7, 2017

Nimrod part 15: Lent and Tammuz the Solar god…


This time of year many denominational church’s are observing a form of Lent that begins with Ash Wednesday, the marking of a cross on a person’s forehead by “sacramental” ashes. As this cannot be found anywhere in the Bible, old or new Testament, where did this come from?


According to “Catholic Online”, (, “While not specifically instituted in the Bible text, the 40-day period of repentance is also analogous to the 40 days during which Moses repented and fasted in response to the making of the Golden calf.”

However, Exodus does not support this. In Chapter 32, verses 30 – 35, Moses tells the people they have sinned a great sin and that he will go up unto the Lord to make an atonement for their sin. In verse 34, God tells him to lead them people unto the promised land. Note, this is not after 40 days…

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