Posted by: the daily messenger | September 13, 2017

Nimrod Part 31: TALOS


The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has released a requirement to build a new style of “body armor”, which will protect special forces soldiers from any type of ballistics fired at them.

It is quite interesting that they used the name TALOS for this project, as that is the same name given to a mythological Greek god of the same name, who was charged with protecting Europa (from whom we get Europe).
From Wikipedia, we find that TALOS “…as a giant man of bronze who protected Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders…Talos could be figured as a sacred bull…In the Cretan dialect, talôs was the equivalent of the Greek hêlios, the Sun…Martin P. Nilsson noted that Talos is evolved out of an old Cretan god, who became identified with Zeus…”

Europa is the “goddess” who became the emblem from Europe, and you can view her riding on…

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