Posted by: the daily messenger | October 8, 2017

4 shooters on tape…crisis actors hired for vegas locale 24 DAYS BEFORE IT HAPPENED ON CRAIG’S LIST IN LOS ANGELES, and the same faces used again, witnesses laughing on camera as they describe carnage…bad beat.

I don’t know why people act like the US government aren’t behind some of the most evil acts in American history. They’ve killed people, staged shooting, false flags, framed people etc but people still believe whatever the news tell them without checking the facts. I literally would not be surprised if this guy saw some shit since he was a millionaire arms dealer and they decided he was the best person to frame. There was even a post on 4chan like 2 weeks ago saying something was gonna go down in Vegas involving a mass shooting and the 2 people who were gonna profit the most from this was the former head of the Department Of Homeland Security ‘Michael Chertoff’ and the other was the Casino owner and Billionaire ‘Sheldon Adelson’ but people ignored it. Never ever take anything the mainstream media say as face value. 90% of the time they are reading a script so do your own research every single time even if people think you’re crazy.

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