Posted by: the daily messenger | October 29, 2017

Fort Antonia, not the Temple location…

It fits. A massive graveyard of death, souring the ground of Yeshua’s
return, filled with Babylonian Nephilim descendants who are Talmudic and
not sons of YHVH. Very few to rise. As they’ve lied to the world,
robbed it, and ruined it, they are victims of their own devices and are
now nothing, for the Father’s Light and Word, Yeshua, whom these pigs
despise, will overcome their fallen ways and redeem the world he knows,
not the monsters who serve Baal in the guise of the Talmud, a satanic
Babylonian system.

And they are doing boy buggering rites at a pagan site. I’m glad they
have deceived themselves, for that way, Our Father’s holy ground remains
clear and pure and outside of decades of their poisonous doctrines.


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