Posted by: the daily messenger | November 6, 2017

The Heavenly Luminaries

In the Beginning

Star Trails Prove Earth is Not Moving

Polaris Does Not Move

This was great work done by bmlsb69, in fact I would say it’s irrefutable that would couldn’t possibly live on a globe and observe the stars the way we do. So to all my ball loving friends out there I challenge you to show us how on a spinning sphere with a wobbly axis traveling billions of miles around the sun each year we get perfect circles in time lapse footage with no parallax what so ever. In fact tape a camera to a globe and give it a spin and see what you get.

The Truth is coming out, more and more people are realizing they’ve been lied to. Mark my words NASA will soon tell you there are aliens, this is their end game and it always has been. Don’t be fooled friends, it’s a lie…

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