Posted by: the daily messenger | November 7, 2017

Trump The Charmer

Chateau Heartiste

An alpha male charmer like Trump charms men as well as women. Women are aroused, men are admiring.

PS The mental patients at Very Fake News CNN edited out this part of the video clip so they could rant insanely about Trump the rube violating international protocol and killing innocent koi. Does a day go by when CNN isn’t deliberately altering or editing video to pass off a lie as the truth? Very Fake News doesn’t adequately describe CNN’s sins. Maybe it should be renamed to Very Butthurt CNN. And then blown the fuck out and its cable license rescinded.

Frankly, I’m disappointed that Trump dumped his koi food after Abe dumped his own food. I was really stoked that Trump went full blown chad on the nips and mega-triggered a bunch of fish-ophile shitlib weirdos who are tired of losing and need any weak sauce anti-Trump angle to keep…

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