Posted by: the daily messenger | January 10, 2018

Witch posts mass produced banner in front of her coven building, church of satan. Still think these memes are organic? You do? Look up Tard in the urban dictionary

When the church of satan is promoting, all you need to know about these agendas become crystal clear. I pray our Father turns His face against her and her craft, and weighs her in the balance. Let all her spells, hexes, and making be turned against her and all like her. Amen.

“Love is love” – A vapid, idiotic redundancy.

“Black lives matter” – Not to other minorities, especially other blacks. No other lives matter, especially you, whitey.

“Climate change is real” – Yes, that’s always true, except humans aren’t causing it.
“No human being is illegal” – Also true. Those humans are rightly known as “criminals”.

“All genders are whole, holy, and good.” – If all two genders are “whole, holy, and good”, then for what do they need religion, psychiatrists, drugs, and prisons? Being “whole, holy and good” is something you have to work out constantly and thus unacceptable to the lazily self-righteous.

“Women have agency over their bodies” – But they apparently never have any money to cover the costs of demonstrating that agency. That agency also seems to be very situational.

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