Posted by: the daily messenger | January 12, 2018

Twatter And Goolag Admit To Spying On Users, Keeping Blacklists Of Heritage Americans

Chateau Heartiste

Orwell would be shocked to know his dystopian novel “1984” undersold the reality he tried warning against. Recently, we learn a few valuable truths about our Post-America:

  1. the social media technopolies have it in for Heritage Americans
  2. H1B and its consequences have been a disaster for America
  3. the First Amendment is under attack in subtle and forthright ways
  4. tribalism is the new normal
  5. people (shitlibs and foreigners) who hate you have access to all your personal info online, and will at a date to be determined by them use it against you if you step out of line

Exhibit H1A:

James O’Keefe’s undercover crü got Twatter employees to admit the company shadow bans, reads your private messages for crimethink, bans pro-Trump accounts outright, “downranks” thought criminals, and in general uses machine learning algorithms to censor political viewpoints at odds with the views of Twatter’s Bluehair and B1ndi Brigade.


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