Posted by: the daily messenger | February 7, 2018

Things are getting ugly…

Bitcoin lost 600 Billion in valuation – that’s stolen wealth from retail investors, not big financial houses, in the the last few weeks. It will lose more. As was foretold.

Pre-echo market dumps measuring in the trillions already shaking through the markets on a daily basis, now. Entire Hedge funds, investor consortiums, and retail investors have been wiped out by the hundreds daily, with loss stories in VIX, XIV, and other ETNs that are being discontinued by that most vicious of reverse splitting issuer, CREDIT SUISSE.

Credit Suisse, the most evil ETF wealth stealers in the game

Instead of rising, gold and silver – the real measure of the dollar, pound, and Euro, is steadily tanking, even while these currencies are at their lowest values in ages. One can’t be, while the other cannot be – at the same time. This reveals that there ARE NO SAFE HAVENS FOR CAPITAL, when the house is being set on fire.

And the point?

Be mindful of these facts, prepare if practicable, and do what can be done to weather what may be a super storm on all fronts.  The more Trump improves the daily life of Americans, the quicker the satanists will do all within their power to make it worse. It’s what they do, create 3rd world shitholes, where once prosperity was the order of the day.

You are warned.

Charts like this reveal the ugly. For financials, these are SELL PEAKS, not buys.

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