Posted by: the daily messenger | May 29, 2018


FlynnsPaws Blog

Hello boys and girls!

Tonight’s word is MIGTOW!

Let’s use it in a sentence.

Jack encountered Jill, a feminist. Jack was afraid of Jill and vowed to MIGTOW for the rest of his life.

The end.

Now go forth and educate yourself.

For those who have already doomed themselves in a bonded relationship, good luck! We told you so! You wanted it – you got it!

Anyway, the Memorial Day weekend has been peachy as we stayed indoors and enjoyed the bright sunshine, cool summer breeze filtering through the opened widow facing the street, and listening to relaxing instrumental music.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another glorious and blessed day and night as I try to get past my personal GIGTOW, if there is such as word for girls. Brouhaha!

I think I’m finished ranting. There isn’t much else to do as my caregiving days to my elderly parents come…

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