Posted by: the daily messenger | June 3, 2018

Behold Liberal Tolerance

Chateau Heartiste

Shitlibs sure do screech loudly about the virtue of tolerance which they themselves don’t possess. The soyboys and clitdicks doth protest too much.

Another way to look at this: conservatives and independents are more generous of spirit and normal of socialization than are shitlibs. The former can handle political disagreement like adults; the latter runs to HR and tattles like a bratty child to get the bad person fired, that is when they can actually function and aren’t curled up in the pillow-biting position.

(yeah i know D, I, and R aren’t perfect proxies for lib, moderate, con, but it’s close enough for a shivisection.)

Shitlibs are also less charitable than cons, despite agitating for more of other people’s gibs. What’s going on? Psychological projection, for one thing. Lib status is wrapped up in their lifestyle and morality megaphoning, so they can’t bear to grapple with their own flaws, preferring…

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