Posted by: the daily messenger | June 4, 2018

Revolt Of The Revolting

Chateau Heartiste

The entire social justice/aggrotolerance/equalism movement is a revolt by the ugly and freakish against the beautiful and normal. The ideology has no morality nor purpose and exists only to substantiate in political radicalization the aggrieved spitefulness of life’s losers.

Every day you can see this dynamic playing out between sexual market winners and losers. The feted Samantha Bee, whose resting and active bitch faces are indistinguishable, called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” for the crime of being a beautiful radiant woman posting a photo on Twatter of herself and her young son sharing a tender hug. (Never mind Bee’s rationalizations — something to do with foreign invaders and their kids being kept in obama-era cages — the real impetus was the hate and envy of an ugly woman for a hot woman.)

Reminder that this is the same shitlibette Samanthe Bee…

…who hypocritically opposed a school relocation plan that…

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