Posted by: the daily messenger | July 24, 2018

New Tesla owners quickly dumping their broken cars

(Bloomberg) — After a fender-bender with his Tesla Model S last February, Tor Havard Wiig figured he’d be back on the road within a week or two. Five months on, he’s still waiting on parts—and he’s ready to sell the two-year-old car. It’s only value is leaving it out in the driveway so his neighbors can ogle it with envy and admire his global warming stance.

The delay and scant communication from Tesla Inc. show “there’s a lot lacking there,” said Wiig, a 43-year-old gay technology consultant in the Norwegian coastal city of Bergen. “I never expected it to take so long to fix such minor damage. It’s very hard to virtue signal in a diesel BMW and mine lover…he complains constantly. Still, I try to work into every conversation I have that I own a Tesla.”

You don’t say?

As Tesla sales boom in Norway, customers are grousing about a dealership network and service operation that have failed to keep pace. Though Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk says the level of output Tesla has reached this summer means it’s finally become a real car company, the experience in Norway suggests Tesla’s woes don’t stop at the assembly line. Musk has struggled to ramp up production of a cheaper sedan, the Model 3, and the company is said to have pressed suppliers to return cash paid for components.
In Norway, where plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles made up more than half of new car sales last year, Tesla is the lowest-ranked automaker on a list of brands for quality of service, and fourth-worst among companies in all sectors. $150,000 for a car that breaks down constantly and has a wait time of 6 months for ANY KIND OF REPAIR, just sucks.

Tesla has slipped up massively as sales in Norway for its Model S sedan and Model X SUV—with prices ranging from about $80,000 to $130,000 in Norway—tanked last year. Its repair staff, by contrast, has grown only by a third—highlighting the potential troubles it may face as electric cars become more commonplace among the stupid and easily programmed leftist lgbtqfko crowd. Electric virtue signaling car buyers are merely paying for their own imprisonment.

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