Posted by: the daily messenger | July 29, 2018

The donation that never was…

According to the new traffic stats on both Patreon and PayPal, there are over two hundred visits a day to both these donation sites, combined. Which is great.

PayPal is the same two people it ever was and Patreon has only 3 subscribers from the first day.

Now, people would only go to these sites, to donate. Typically, I get less than $100.00 per month from 2 to 3, of the same people. These givers are blessed…in ways beyond description. The rest of the few hundred visitors are BLOCKED from donating. To keep us poor and on the edge. Which of course just thrills the satanists.

After all these years, this is the first time I’ve mentioned this shadow banning/blocking thing they do. Now you know. This is the price you pay, among others, for bringing whatever version of truth we are given to do for us all.

What we have found is that people NOT ON THE WHITE LIST, are being PAGE 404. I’ve tested this myself with other computers, from other locations. This is a form of shadow banning and income denial. The white list thing – allowing a few people that I’ve known a long time access – is to help shield the fact that this oppressive tactic is being deployed.

Problem is, the my income reduce by some 67% this year, donations are not only greatly appreciated, but somewhat necessary.

There is another way, If you prefer not to donate on-line, please send donations to:

Don Bradley
PO Box 1576
Oak View, CA 93022

However, if you try, possibly you can get past their 404 blacklist and do it that way.

I am not soliciting. There are people who want to help and only a very few, actually are ALLOWED TO HELP. I only mention this for those new souls who want to help a man raising four sons, on very little money.

Thank you for your time.


Enjoying a day out, thanks to the generosity of someone with a boat

Hibby Hubby!

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