Posted by: the daily messenger | August 3, 2018

Desert sentinel from a drone

This chieftain waited how many millennia before the rains allowed him to be visible and for the technology to exist, to even acknowledge his existence. A very long time indeed. Also, Trees and Bushes have male orders and flowering plants, the “captain or chief” for lack of better terms, are feminine. There is no way anyone without an agenda of opposition or hatred of the divine can see anything other than what’s given over. The evidence is as advertised. All that is, is living. Alive. In service to the father, regardless of how much modern society HATES the patriarchy of Heaven. Dig deep enough into the source and roots of this hatred and you find satan and his minions. I notice the witches don’t seem to mind the patriarchal system of satanism, as Lucifer is MALE IN GENDER. But lying, hating, thieving scumbags are all about double standards, aren’t you.

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