Posted by: the daily messenger | August 4, 2018

Angels SMALL and large, of all types


There is more than is mentioned. Always is.

DB in the Rockies watching the wheels go by

Splashing with the angels among the waterfalls in Colorado

by Don Bradley

Here we go, with something different, but written about by many writers over thousands of years. This was taken by a Nikon A6006 film camera, in 1998, while I was playing in a waterfall up on the Rockies between Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. We drove up to spend the day in the country, and came across this most lovely stream and was cavorting abouts the waterfalls we found.

I could perceive that there were, as usual, lots of angelic forest life as one finds in the purer areas of the mountains and countryside, far away from civilization. Disliking nephilim corruption, they tend to shy away from that mixture of humanity that is what it is: narcissistic, cruel, and selfish. On the other hand, if the above qualities do not define you, then they happily will be about. Much food for thought there.

As you can see in the foreground, these little “humming birds” of light and glory were dancing about the dork, feeding off my joy at playing in the water. Actually, there were tons taken that day, but I have to dig them out to get back to them, if they haven’t been stolen, as so many have.

This is from a film camera. I still have the negatives and am able to prove and have proven, that these are unaltered original pictures. Having gone through so many pics of my life, sure enough, these different choirs of angels are always about. Being a tard and a dork, this makes no sense to me. I am not a theological scholar, with many letters after my name. Those fellows hate me, avoid me, and treat me like some kind of villain. Except for Wyatt and Hovind. Like the fellows of old, I am nobody. I am not a pastor or priest or preacher or any of that, which so many say, I must be false, because I am not these titles with letters after my name. I do have degrees, but in engineering and in communication. I have met many people with Doctors of Divinity degrees, but Dad’s light was not with them. Their egos were, however.

Then I remember that these are the same clowns who, when we exposed chemtrails back in 1997 through 2004 ALL SAID it was balderdash and we were terrible people for implying that OUR OR ANY GOVERNMENT could do such things. Now, everyone knows about chemtrails and these clowns have NEVER apologized for their ruinous remarks back in the day. Never.

I had two entire walls of degrees and awards and certificates and signed pics for famous people that filled, as I say, two entire walls. Ego walls. I burned them all in 2004. In front of my boys. They stood between me and the divine. Ego walls of degrees, awards, and such show how shallow and small a person is. They measure themselves by how much of the world’s approval of their selves, rather than of Dad’s. Very often, people with ego walls have no connection with spirit. And are liars. And lie mainly to themselves. Just saying. By burning them, I stopped the last of the lying to myself. I wasn’t measured by other men or society’s accolades. I was measured by Dad’s Holy Love.

And so are you.

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