Posted by: the daily messenger | August 4, 2018

Birthday gift, oldy but goody kind of deal

A birthday gift from Heaven
By Don Bradley
The day was my birthday—yay—and I was about early that morning running errands on the other side of town, where my sons lived with their mother. I had only the month before, moved to a condo lease to be as close to my boys as possible. To be a good father and to always be around for them. I had to spend the previous year living in my truck for no one would give me a job, even the most menial work I applied for. Even every single Temp agency in Los Angeles. Even with my work history, publishing career, several degrees, and teaching credential, building estimator for a decade, once my name went into their system, the network would cut me off at the knees. Life was and is, like that for me. I sold orgone again, to make some kind of living. It wasn’t much. It was January 2008, this particular day. The 10th.
I noticed all morning that these clouds kept following me around wherever I went. In an otherwise perfectly blue, clear, morning sky. No chemtrails that day either. So, I was dropping off groceries at their moms house, as I did each week, and I borrowed a camera I had given my son Matt, a Nikon a6006 film camera with a roll still inside.
Then I walked outside and quickly snapped a few pictures from their driveway of these clouds, which were now down at the end of the street, over a house. I remember thinking, “Okay guys, I got you. No one would believe me otherwise.” I had to return the camera, because the boys were in school, and without direct permission, I had no right to keep the camera with me that day. So, I put it back in Matt’s room. When I saw them later, I told him of the borrowing. It was all good, as I knew it would be.
Also, every time I looked out the truck window (I am still driving that old truck to this day), there they were just 500 feet away. I kept hearing singing inside me. It’s hard to explain that one, and don’t care if no one believes it. Frankly, no one believes much of anything I say, and that’s just fine.
These “clouds”, shaped like angels wearing wings and sometimes holding stringed instruments of old, went wherever I went that day, all day. Look out the window, there they were.
Finally, as the sun began to set, they took off in a really golden sunset. Thing is…being alone, no real income, not expecting the lease to last even a month, but enjoying hot showers again, I felt loved and looked after. Especially after a year of parking in Santa Clarita, living in a truck with a broken clutch that didn’t work or shift (fortunately, fixed the day before I got the lease), and having to walk everywhere to go anywhere for anything. Donna sent enough money every month for my min car insurance and cell phone. The rest I scrounged from trash cans and leftover food the boys saved for me. But, I had my bible, my love of Dad and my boys. And my friends, these servants of the Holy of Holies, who were always around. Plus, a few friends from the orgone days, who still showed kindness. I love them all very much.
I did have these things. But nothing else.
I had put these pics up on a blog that the satanists took down back in 2009, that I had up for years, and was using whatever access I could get to update it. So, for a few of you out there, you’ve seen these before.
The pictures are from the end on the boys driveway, of which I was standing. I have a shot of me standing in the driveway, as I asked the mom unit to take my picture, and “baby” the truck. Can’t find the pic-when I do, will put it up.
Here you go.
I love Dad. I love Yeshua. I love you all.

Following the village dork. they constantly changed into different, beautiful expressions of their selves. I wish I were able to get the all day shots, some were really impressive.

My 1989 Toyota truck SR5, original owner, parked in the boys driveway. The dork mobile. it still looks this good, Because I take care of what Dad gives me as the blessings these things are.

Don the writer, during a book signing at Barnes and Noble, 1998. I couldn’t be that guy anymore, and Dad was waking me up to what I was into more and more, and that time had to pass. Along with the money and the fame.

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