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The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer; Jesus/Yeshua taught us how to pray. He taught us the simplicity, the power, and the glory of prayer. To come boldly before the Throne of Grace. Come My children, come, gather yourselves Together around the Throne of Grace, the sanctuary.

Sanctuary, what mysteries come out of this word? Sanctuary, safety, peace, Loving kindness, and so much more. In this I am merely breaking down how the Lord has shown me the deeper meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. And in the simplest ways that I can.

Our Father; Jesus/Yeshua prayed, ABBA, Father, for in doing this, it brings a Holy God near. Understand that He is your Father. Our Father wants a relationship with you, He wants to talk with you, an Everlasting relationship with you, He is longing for your voice to reach His ear. Incline Thine ear Oh Merciful Father, listen for the pleadings of my heart. We cry out, ABBA, Father, bringing a Righteous, Holy God, near. He is our Father, He created you with purpose and meaning. You are not an accident, you are not a mistake, you are a child of The Most High God. Separated unto salvation. His seal is upon you, your name is written in His book. He alone holds a love for you that is unmatched, unparalleled, there is no higher love than what He has for you. He is your protector, your refuge, your sanctuary. He is the Sabbath, the day of rest, therefore, rest in Christ Jesus/Yeshua, our Lord and Savior. He is Righteousness, He is Glory, He is the never ending story. He is your Everlasting Father.

Who art in Heaven;Our Father is in Heaven, a place that we cannot comprehend. A place in which our minds cannot articulate. A place where sin cannot enter. He sits on His Throne, in all everlasting glory. A sea of molten glass beneath His feet, the Fire of His everlasting righteousness proceeding before Him, a sweet savor, the incense of prayers and supplication filling in and around His Throne of Grace, the winged creatures and angels the Heavenly Host praising, singing, crying out Holy, Holy, Holy, is our Lord and God.

Hallowed be Thy Name;Our Father is Holy. His very Name is Holiness. Holiness is His nature. He speaks and it is done, by His Righteousness. He comes in clouds, by His awesome power, thunder and lightning, proceeding before Him, for He is Holy. He covers Himself to protect those He is visiting, for if they would see Him they would surely die.

Moses was told to build a Tabernacle after delivering the Israelites from Egypt, and to build The Ark of The Covenant, only one could enter into the Holy of Holies once a year. The inner chamber, the sanctuary. If he was not covered from head to foot he would surely die. He would sprinkle blood on the mercy seat, saying, behold the hand, behold the nail. This is showing us that we need to be covered by the blood of Christ to stand before a Holy God. You are the Tabernacle, the Temple in which houses the Ark, inside the Holy of Holies.

Some brought strange fire and were consumed. You cannot bring strange fire before our Holy God. You must be covered by the precious blood of Christ Jesus/Yeshua.

Thy Kingdom come;His Kingdom is coming, and is here even now. The Kingdom of YHWH is revealed in and through the hearts of His children. You, being joined to our Lord and Savior through His blood covenant are now bringing a piece of Heaven down onto the earth as Yeshua lives in you. We as believers are born again through the Spirit of our Lord and Savior, Jesus/Yeshua Christ. The Kingdom is in you, The Kingdom of YHWH.

Thy Will be done; His Will is that none should parish. His Will is worked through you as His child. His Will is that you pray without ceasing in Spirit, as a song, Thee unto me, and me unto Thee, Oh sweet melody. Through His Will all things are made, as the flower blooms, it is for His pleasure. As the wind blows, we know not from whence it came or where it goes, it is of His good pleasure. Jesus is the Will of our Father, the Word of God.

On earth as it is in Heaven;The very creation itself reveals aspects of Heaven, if we stopped speaking to God, the very rocks would cry out.

God Himself would not stand on the sidelines, but instead, entered into His creation, to reveal a glimpse of Heaven on earth as Jesus healed the sick, made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Through Jesus/Yeshua we see Heaven. Through Jesus we see the Heavens open as we gaze into the depths of His eyes. A whole new world is seen in Him as He reveals to us, that He is the way, the truth, light and life. Through Jesus/Yeshua, all things are made new.

Give us this day our daily bread;To ask that we be feed in both the nourishment of the body and of the Spirit. Jesus is the bread of life we as children of The Most High God must consume the bread and water, the food and drink, the fruit of the life of our Savior Messiah the one true God who was made flesh and walked among us teaching and healing and forgiving sin, the anointed one, the unblemished lamb slain from the foundation of the world for the sake of all humanity.

Forgive us our trespasses; Forgive us of our trespasses Oh Merciful Father. Repentance Not one can live without committing sin, even our own thoughts are evil and condemn us under the law. We hurt each other and ultimately have transgressed against a Holy God, our Holy, Righteous, Father in Heaven. Jesus/Yeshua stands in our place, as He took our sin upon Himself, He became sin. A wretched thing, and His Father turned away from His own Son as He does not look upon sin. Isaiah 53:10 And it pleased the Lord to bruise Him

Jesus/Yeshua took your and my sin and in turn gave us His Righteousness, washing us in His own blood, that we may stand before a Holy God.

As we forgive those who trespass against us;If you are to be forgiven, then you must also forgive those who have trespassed against you. For us to be able to forgive others is a precious gift. If Christ be in you, than you will automatically forgive others. For He He saith, Father forgive them for they no not what they do. Jesus is Grace.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; It is knowing that Jesus Christ, Yeshua Savior Messiah, leads only to Life. He will never leave nor forsake you. He does not lead you to a den of vipers but instead plucked you from those venomous jaws. When we are ensnared by the enemy, Jesus sets you free. There are the things God puts us through for refining, and also there are the things that the wicked one puts us through, for destroying, It is up to each one of us to see for ourselves which one is putting you through the trials in your life. Was this meant to hurt me or cause me to grow in faith?

For Thine is the Power, and the Kingdom, and the Glory forever and ever. Amen. 

There is such profound meaning in everything that Jesus/Yeshua did, from how He talked, walked, especially in the way that He viewed the world through His eyes. Through the eyes of Jesus/Yeshua:  If one would have gazed into the depths of His eyes, they would not have seen anger, or hate, or even that of fear, but rather that of great sorrow, compassion, eagerness, reverence, humbleness, and undoubtedly a great, and powerful, absolute, vast, and bountiful, unending, expression of love, Resonating from under the thick, tear stricken, blood soaked, mud covered eyes. Yet, He saw clearly, His task at hand, as He took, me, out of the way, He was taunted, mocked, and ridiculed. He was wounded because of my transgressions, bruised for my iniquity, the chastisement for my peace, He took upon Himself, the strips He suffered healed, me, but that wasn’t enough, He also took my place, and was nailed to the cross, placing Himself under the wrath of Gods judgement in my place.  Covering my sin with His righteous blood.  Through the eyes of my Father.  Praise be to His Name for ever an ever… How He went to the cross, Oh the cross. When we read through the gospels about the road to the cross, we don’t grasp the fullness of what Christ Jesus/Yeshua actually went through, until we start putting all the little pieces together that we read throughout scripture. Also what the Holy Spirit reveals to us. Suddenly we start to begin understanding the depth, magnitude, and mystery illustrated throughout Gods Word, about how He would suffer and all the little details painting a vast yet densely detailed, descriptive picture of the power of salvation, the blood, the forgiveness, the necessity and purpose of the cross. It was necessary, as much as it hurts, it needed to be done to save the lives of countless sons and daughters. So magnificent that God Himself declared it from the beginning. In how we observe the fullness of the cross is how we should approach and look at the depth of meaning in all of scripture. It doesn’t mean you have to be smart or superbly knowledgeable, or speak every language, or anything of that nature. We only need trust in Him who is from Everlasting to Everlasting. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. Praise be to His Name for ever and ever…

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