Posted by: the daily messenger | August 27, 2018

The Media Cries Out In Pain As It Doxes, Deplatforms, And Demonetizes You

Chateau Heartiste

It would be funny if the Chaimstream Media weren’t also a dire threat to the spirit of First Amendment protections.

PS Hey Luke Barnes I notice Think Progress is powered by WordPress. You know, that same WordPress which also powers this loving outpost of LoveTalk. I wonder why you didn’t include WordPress in your blacklist of no good, very bad, horrible tech companies helping to keep online thought criminals operating?

PPS Readers have wondered why WordPress hasn’t danced to the Soylicon Valley tune and shuttered Le Chateau along with the rest of the political dissidents who have suffered the virtual guillotine. Alert readers will recall that WordPress doyennes came *this close* to doing just that before the 2016 Election l’Cataclysme (after a crybaby shitlib tattled to management about a…

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