Posted by: the daily messenger | November 2, 2018

A lady going aroud for the last several days grabbing cats-rescuing she told me-disappeared today, the same time our cat vanished. She was staying at the SAFE HOUSE

Yes, that’s right. The house next door is used as a safe house some 30 times a year, always with different people, for a day or two, who then vanish. It’s more a hotel without being a hotel. For satanic agendas they don’t want the guests being on the books for.

Well, last week, we got cat lady with a huge amount of cat cages. Rescuing them, she said. It was until Mike disappeared that it hit me what was going on.

You see, They’ve got women out stealing dogs and cats for animal sacrifices. The covens need them and their people go out and steal them, rather than buy them. You can only buy so many without attracting suspicion. When you steal…you can get ten or twenty at a pop, plus you get all the loss and pain of the owners that adds to their magical intent. They get to tap into and milk all that pain. The lady then delivers the kidnapped animals to the various covens in the valley, then leaves. It’s her job for the satanic network. There are women like her everywhere, and they usually run humane society outlets, shelters, etc. It’s a perfect cover for having a car load of cats.

My relationship with the coven on this street has been live and let live. But, this isn’t the only time they done things to hurt my family. Pray our heavenly father brings justice to these devils, I beg you.

Safe House 25 del valle oak view ca

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