Posted by: the daily messenger | November 2, 2018

Satanic symbols as magnetic resonance focal points – and on everything

On over 98% of all the buildings in northern Los Angeles, are these same symbols and variations on a theme. It’s always the same thing: A witches circle, very often in groups of three either close together or spread out over the frontice of the building. Everywhere. On every building. In every place. Hundreds and thousands of buildings, many of them refinished just to add this symbol set.

religious symbols of the beast in their temples of greed

What you are looking at his three witches circles (a spoked wheel making 8 points, honoring the 8 witches sabbats of the Satanic path.)

Also, each space between the spokes or sabbat symbols is counted created six spaces. Put three witches circles together and you get…


So they get a two for one deal: the witches circle with 666.

It’s why you see this kind of thing and its myriad variations in groups of three.

And for all the architects to do this, wherever you go, says a great deal about the networks control over every aspect of society, as we’ve been saying for 20 years.

Check it for yourself. Notice how all the exterior remods or new constuction has a witches circle in some stylized fashion on every wall and usually at the highest point of the building. This is so, because symbols attract and transmit energy. And every single living thing that enters such a building has that energy flowing through them.

Of course, you could avoid such places, but in most of the counties of California, THEY ARE ON EVERY SINGLE BUILDING BUILT WITHIN THE LAST 20 YEARS. About 98% of them.

Welcome to the era of the Beast and the scumbag darksiders who happily function within that reality. It is the way of earth, of our time.

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