Posted by: the daily messenger | November 8, 2018

This man is calling for the murder of POTUS and VP and TRUMP SUPPORTERS…

Time for 4chan to step up. How do people like this GET jobs at universities, teaching and advising murder and hate? Isn’t that against the law?

One protestor can be seen ringing the doorbell outside Carlson’s residence, while the rest of the group chanted anti-Carlson slogans.

The co-founder of Smash Racism DC, fired college professor Michael Isaacson, made headlines last year after tweeting about teaching “future dead cops” and assassinating both President Trump and VP Mike Pence the day before they won the 2016 election. Isaacson describes himself as a “pansexual” activist not limited to a gender or sexuality.

This freak is a sex-crazed demon. Pansexuality just means that he views EVERYONE as a sex object. He is literally inspired by Satan himself.

Issacson made the media rounds after his controversial tweets – even appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show on September 14, 2017 in a performance he was widely ridiculed over.

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