Posted by: the daily messenger | November 28, 2018

Yuma Sector Border Patrol Cameras Detect Illegal Border Crossing

FTR the “I-9” system does NOT prevent illegals from getting work. All they need is a DRIVERS LICENSE (List B), which many States like California and Oregon willingly give to Criminal illegal aliens. With the official Drivers ID they can get other Phony IDs for a 2nd document.
The illegal worker is NOT required to present a birth certificate, citizenship papers or passport.

They can write ANY number down for a SSN number and the Employer is NOT required to check its validity. To check SSN validity the employer would be required to match the SSN to a federal name databank – NOT required. Or the illegal can color copy a SSN card and add their name — EZ.
They don’t have to PROVE citizenship or even Resident status. They can write down on the form they are a “Citizen” or “permanent Resident” with a PHONY number and the employer has no way to challenge their claim because they are NOT required to check anything more than the Driver ID and a Xerox SSN.
The I-9 system does NOT prove they are working illegally.  It’s a “smoke and mirrors” game. Driver License to illegal alien and copy of phony SSN and they are “legal”. States know this when they give the illegals Drivers ID. It’s as good as a Passport.

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