Posted by: the daily messenger | November 29, 2018

These are the democrats elected to the 116th Congress this year

What I don’t understand is, why are they wearing dresses? That’s a HUGE talking point among women and feminists – dresses are a TOOL OF SUPPRESSION OF THE WHITE MALE PATRIARCHY.

So what gives here? Other than the obvious hypocrisy.

Also, all of them campaigned on overt racism against Asians and Whites. How can ANYONE get elected preaching race hatred? Doesn’t that make them all racist bigots of the worst kind? Well, yeah, it does.

And, each of these has stated that their main goals are the following. check it out for yourself, these are published comments.

  • Destroy white privilege and male dominance, whatever that is.
  • Create communist and Islamic Sharia statutes in the constitution. NO KIDDING ALL OF THEM. 
  • Take out the President, any way possible.
  • “Orange man bad, white people bad” Cortez to a group of white people while campaigning.They cheered her on. Imagine a white person campaigning on BLACK PEOPLE BAD? They would be shot down like dogs.
  • etc, etc, etc.

3 lesbians, only 4 US citizens. Doesn’t seem representative of this country. Where are the whites, Asians, Filipinos? AND NO MEN AT ALL. What do these females, er LGBTQFUKOs say to their fathers, who brought them into this world?


I’m all for immigration. Legally, as we all did in the past, regardless of WHEN.

It’s the crime wave that comes with illegal immigration that we have borders and laws protecting the rights of citizens. IT’S THE LAW.

Here is the democratic plank.

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