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The chemtrail Issue


It becomes what we call THE WHITE CLOUD OF DEATH

 The chemtrail Issue

By Don Bradley

CTs have been around since the 60s. You can see them in PATTON (1970), CHARLEY VARRICK (1973), etc. Not since the late 90s, that’s only when we started reporting it. I was there, part of the original crew putting up pics and information and everyone laughed at us. One of my sons, some ten years ago asked his 8th grade class, who knew what chemtrails were? The whole class raised their hand. That’s when I backed off reporting on it – we had reached critical mass. Now FE are using the same argument, why can’t every one see this? 

Well, it takes about 14 years. I started in 98/99 reporting it and in 2009, seems everyone knew about it. My experience on this. 

The original guys are either dead or moved on, now. No one cares about the sacrifices we made putting up web sites only to see them de-platformed, over and over again. Being surveilled, blacklisted from getting any kind of work, our credit rating instantly taken below 500 over night, friends turning their backs on us, our wives leaving us, and finding ourselves outcast, alone, and with only our Father and yeshua as our true friends, many of us forced into homelessness because every enterprise we tried to make money was shadow banned and or stopped by the company for our work; I was homeless for one year, living in my truck, and only a few friends from the internet sent just enough money to eat and live and nothing more. And I say this now, nothing has changed, I am still outcast. No one links to me, no one props me, and frankly I don’t care. I serve our Father and humanity, and I do not do it for thanks. I do it because Dad called me to do it. 

Chemtrails are bio weapons. two months ago, they sprayed one night and everyone’s container’s et al were covered in blood. that’s not as insane as it sounds,when you consider how much blood and serum a single slaughter house produces in a week. It’s staggering. For days afterward, everyone came down with a strange type of bronchitis that caused the lungs to breath, but not take in air. We all were slowly chocking to death and all of us had to get special meds and steroids to combat it. This was an obvious dry run. Your eyes burn, itch, and then the weird headaches and flues kick in… the main purpose, bio weapon. see CLOUDS OF DEATH, an old documentary made in 2002, the very first one in the world.

Blood covered everything

As for Zero hour on CTs, no, this has been going on for 50 years. By the way, they call the air wing in the Air Force the OMEGA. That part of the AF that does CTs for the military. I have no idea what the nomenclature is for civilian plane mods that spray. 

There is an Omega wing out in Oxnard, Calif. FYI and it’s run by the Navy. and they have an Omega Greek symbol on the tail of the plane. Here is the wisdom. It’s all a big clock, someone being awakened. How many times, twenty years ago, did I and a handful of others say…the job is too big, no one seems to care, the govt is attacking our money, surveilling our every move, coming at us with honeypots and plants to F up the movement. 

Now, on YouTube, there are thousands of videos and everyone seems to know. However, the apathy is the same. 

Lastly this, before one starts judging others STUPIDLY for not seeing what’s around them, ask yourself. When did you become CT aware? Or that the pretrib was a fraud? why not, it was right in front of you ALL THE TIME. See, it’s like this, Our father calls us to Glory and repentance, and it’s also Him that awakens us. For me, it was 1987. That doesn’t make me better, just that’s when HE chose to awaken me from my slumber of my life. As he is doing now for others, in their appointed time.

So all this slanderous judgement is just plain rude and wrong. It’s seeing things incorrectly.

Don Bradley (aka NSASUCKS, CBSWORKS, and other nom-de-plumes from 98 to 2005)
I’m still in the game, but well poisoners are running point on it now.

PS Did you all know that in the mid 1990s I was a JOURNALIST? I was syndicated in 5 newspapers and over a dozen magazines. When, in 1996 I put up a website exposing Apollo as a fraud and CIA wrongdoing, in a single week, all my publishers cancelled me as an author/journalist. Because Sheriffs, police, and federal agents showed up to my editor’s offices and threatened them. My life, in that life, was over. welcome to my world.  

Our Father…who art in Heaven…

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