Posted by: the daily messenger | June 14, 2019

Scientists Create "Deepfake" Software Allowing Anyone To Edit Anything Anyone Says On Video

Now they can make you say anything they want, make your lips move to match the speech, creating monstrous videos of people committing crimes of which they are innocent.

But that’s not the whole story. The reason they are releasing this video now, is because video proof of wrong-doing by satanic assets will come out in the coming months and this allows the CRIMINALS to point to this technology and say they are being framed.

This tech has been around in 3 different versions for 7 years now. As everyone knows, snap-chat can make men look like women and vice versa, change their appearance and even race, and it’s one click away. So this is nothing new and no big deal.

Except it is a big deal. The innocent can be framed while the guilty can use it as a get out of jail card.

That’s why this is coming out now. That’s why.


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