Posted by: the daily messenger | June 15, 2019

Asleep at the wheel. Feeling safer?
Dude…totally scary! Guy sleeps while his Tesla drives down the highway doing 70?


A Tesla driver appeared to be “fully sleeping for at least 30 miles” while barreling down a Southern California freeway, according to NBC.

A passenger alongside of the vehicle, Shawn Miladinovich, began taking video when he noticed that the driver was passed out, and that he had something “tied to the steering wheel” that the report assumes was used to trick Autopilot into thinking hands may have been on the wheel. 

Miladinovich said: “I’d seen it on the news before, I just couldn’t believe I was actually seeing it.” 

The last time someone used Tesla Autopilot in traffic. I see dead people. Everywhere I go.

He said he first noticed the driver in Westminster, but saw him again about 30 miles later on his way from San Clemente to San Pedro. “I realized he was fully sleeping. Eyes shut, hands nowhere near the steering wheel. If his little thing tied around that steering wheel fell off, and he was still sleeping, he would have slammed into somebody going 65 miles per hour,” Miladinovich said.

How could anyone get the wrong idea by a Tesla feature called “full self driving” or “Autopilot”?

After all, everybody knows that Tesla’s in-car driver assistance technologies require you to keep your hands on the wheel and be attentive at all times, right? And certainly, Elon Musk hasn’t sold these technologies to the public any differently, right?


some source material Zerohedge

Tesla Deaths is a record of Tesla accidents that involved a driver, occupant, cyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian death, whether or not the Tesla or its driver were at fault. Unfortunately, this list only accounts for 5% of the total known, as Tesla and the NWO not only shadow ban this link but have taken legal measures to have most of the content removed, lest you become to aware of the truth of auto pilot EVs.

 The deaths in China are SO BAD that the Chinese government a few months ago banned the models S from being sold there due to the uber high casualty rate.



onboard computer indicates it was in auto pilot mode. The car killed the three occupants and four pedestrians. Accident hushed up in the media.


A dozen fiery TESLA crashes per month worldwide, and idiots are lining up for their Darwin Award like it’s the Academy! Rich people must have a death wish.


No one with common sense buys a Tesla.
Hey Elon…along with the satanic NWO satanists, these deaths are on you buddy.
That’s a good feature for sitting in eternal California traffic. Of course if car doesn’t decide to incinerate you or take you to head on collision.
A large percentage of humans will always want to opt out of directly experiencing their lives. “Autopilot” is bad enough but add the fact that at least 33% of all drivers are on SSRI’s or some other type of prescription psychotropic med and you have to ask yourself, is it safe to be anywhere near a highway!
Tesla owner’s like to virtue signal right into the grave. And they are getting their faggy little wish, too.

This, using “autopilot” software that can’t detect or respond to red/green lights, construction zones and detours, or hazard vehicles driving / parked in its vicinity.

The automotive equivalent of Russian Roulette.



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