Posted by: the daily messenger | June 15, 2019

Spirits in the Sky

For Morgan, see and understand son…And remember, brother, the VERY LAST THING ON EARTH the evil ones want is PROOF that we live in a spiritual world. They hate proof. Because it makes things like the Bible, God, the soul of man, all too real. And they want you confused, in a state of DOUBT, and LOST. But, here you are, countless photographic and video proof we do live in a spiritual world, the ONE THAT REALLY MATTERS. Be well, lad. PS I love you and your family very much. Since you were a child. It does my heart good to see you baptized, anointed and saved.


As defined by the books of Enoch, Maccabees and numerous other sources, our sky is filled with spirits of the air and watchers, a class of angel. Guess what watchers do?

In point of fact, it was from this class of angel that the then Lucifer (now Satan) convinced 200 easily weak-minded angels to become reprobates, land on Mount Hermon, and change the course of history forever by mating with women and creating a race of nephilim that ran rampant over the antediluvian world. And after the flood as well.

Here is a shot from a field back in 2002. Click on each image to get full screen. I have dozens and dozens of such images, taken with simple cameras, and the only editing added is to outline what is available to one’s own scrutiny and where to see what is plainly visible to me without such aids and always has been. Clearly so. Okay? 

As an aside, once you start “seeing” these spirits in the sky-watcher class included-they become more easily visible. They  tend to reveal themselves more to you. For you are one of the very few on Earth that not only takes the time to see them, but also to bless them as we would any soul/spirit our paths come across, mindful of our instructions to “stay the course and serve the Father in all things.” My favorite thing to say to them. The acknowledgment is usually very visually wonderful.

The dark side. Evil humans and demons would rather you didn’t have this information. Tough. Dad gave me this gift of seeing and as it happens, it is available to anyone. Just start opening your eyes and STOP SLEEP WALKING THROUGH YOUR DAY, for heaven’s sake.

Are these evil spirits? No, not necessarily. But, given that Satan is still allowed some power on Earth (Prince of the Air is one of his monikers after all) and as such, his minions can invoke some level of control vis-a-vis black magic and spell casting and animal/human sacrifice, they can be manipulated to a minor degree as the Father allows. However, any Christian worth his salt can easily block such evil machinations by invoking the Blood of Christ and making such nefarious efforts moot. I do it all the time, when the Holy Spirit informs me that what is going on above is the result of a gathering of witches to achieve whatever end was on their collective mind. I’ve always received the knowing that they are happy to be relieved of such dark control and in fact, we are doing them a favor by blocking such evil and they are grateful and glad for our efforts. Remember that.

I should write a book. I have hundreds of such things, and that’s by not any great effort on my part. I do not sit outside with a camera waiting for something to happen. I usually just get them while doing something else and thinking, “oh, why not…I’ll bag a few pics of the guys up there to add to the collection.”

It is a flat fact that on any cloudy day, if I am outside for more than 20 minutes (especially at the beach) a big blue hole opens in the sky above me, letting in the sunlight. This has been happening for at least a dozen years, when I started noticing it. I have so many witnesses to this, it’s not funny. A few days ago I was at the beach with my son. It was all overcast, rain clouds plus ground fog and within 5 minutes, a hole appeared in the sky above us about 300 yards wide. 5 minutes. A new record. As usual I thank dad, and the the watchers, for letting in the warmth and sunlight. I am telling you the truth and have witnesses to back it up. And being at the beach as we do, it’s the only place for miles in every direction that this happens. 

Anyways. Enjoy

Don Bradley
June 2019

click on the picture to make it full size. You can copy it freely, but please, acknowledge the source, moi, if you please. A few folks out there are taking everything I put up and claiming it as their own, to hijack the thing. As the satanic network does EVERYTHING decent. They did to the chemtrail movement in 2004 in toto and now, people are interviewing well-poisoners as being leading lights. This happened to Flat Earth in late 2018, so i began to tune out that vector of truth (the real lights being pushed to the back of the bus and the well-poisoners out front and changing direction, with misdirection. I’ve seen this countless times since the 1990s. They did this to Ron Wyatt (archeology and the Bible), Hovind (creation science), MKultra intel, Apollo revelations, you name it.

Yeah, right. So much for spiritual discernment.

Ps. Ironically, the biggest push back I get is from Christians, so-called. The names I am called and black listing from this groups exceeds most others. But, I’ve been to this rodeo before, with Apollo in the1990s when only Bill Cooper and I plus a few others were trying to wake people up. Chemtrails from 98 to 2004 – “you crazy bastard, Don!” With MK ultra and the Nephilim problem back in the early 2000s. And I am seeing the same thing going on with Flat Earth-the most vicious folks against it are Christians. Talk about hate filled diatribes…dude. And from people writing all these books explaining varying biblical stuff, too. So no, Rob and others, this is not only FE this kind of push back is happening. It’s just happening to YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME. It’s not the Great Delusion. That is something else entirely. the UFO thingy, you’ll see. This push back has been happening to me for decades. I have been disappeared from the internet history on all these things, but my material and work is still out there, it’s just been buried quite well by the satanic network. Get used to it. It’s what they do.

You watch. I am point on this topic right now. But in a few years, I will be pushed into the back waters of history and the well-poisoners will take it over and mislead you all. Away from Yahua, away from Yeshua, away from the truth of things. As they’ve done to me half a dozen times in 3 decades. You’ll see. Why should this time be any different from the last 6 times. And those who claim to support this work the most, will be the first in line to shiv me on some witches sabbath. As you do, don’t you.

I see you. You see me. Isn’t that special. When I catch them “eye balling me boy” I always exhort them to serve the Father in all things and turn away from any dark instructions as may come to them. They do have free will, as do all beings Dad has created. Now, in this shot, the spirit above the young boy is shedding a tear, as you can see, once you see. The lad is leaning against the one above, receiving succor. A very tender moment. As was the moment down below, on the earth plane.

Watchers love communicating information. Especially emotional and spiritual events happening below them. My experience in these matters for 20 years of taking their pictures. Say for instance, a few folks talking about things that matter, spiritual things, as Dad guides us in fellowship. Look up, and they are smiling, beaming love, you name it. For whatever reasons, they tend to reflect the event on the plane beneath them, in their…expression. You may say, but millions of people, why you? Why reflect what you are doing? I believe they reflect the thing of most import either to the collective of souls on earth or the brightest thing they see going on in their locale. In my experience. Also in my experience, most folks they “watch” are so self-absorbed and conflicted they rarely if ever notice what is going on around them or are thinking loving, high-minded ideas. It’s not very hard to be a bright light in a sea of selfish, narcissistic garbage. Just pray and talk with a friend about the good news and voila, you become a bright center beneath them. Follow?
Don Bradley, after a long drive to Yosemite area. Hurry, stone him, kill him. Yeah, well, get in line.

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