Posted by: the daily messenger | September 13, 2019

New Understandings

After many years of reading and listening to biblical scholars, this much seems clear to me. Our understanding improves over time, with prayer. But revelations is the rock that breaks them all. Only when we pass the point in revelations, time wise, is understanding truly revealed. 

Chuck Missler did a line by line of revelations, which we, our family, eagerly watched and followed, years ago. Then we noticed he left out certain passages, purposely. From that time on, we called anyone who sinned by omission as “doing a Missler.” Check it out, it’s solid. Revelation 3-12. And those that cover that verse, seem to just ignore so obviously what is meant. 

Still, it seems that the best understanding of The Holy Word, is now coming from the young guys, under 28, many of them virgins. It’s the same old material, but with with a fresh new perspective, adding to what is previously revealed. It’s deeper, and quite obviously, this newer generation of scholars, who have NOT been to seminary school, have with them a Deep and Wise understanding of these matters. It’s exciting to hear what Dad is teaching us through these younger guys. What a difference a generation makes, in our times. 

More and more of these new scholars are appearing…some evil well poisoners, others with Dad’s Holy Spirit.

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