Posted by: the daily messenger | December 15, 2019

Impeachment Insanity: Democrat Asks Lawmakers To Imagine Girl Tied Up In Trump’s Basement

Authored by Mac Slavo via,
In a truly bizarre and insane moment during the ongoing impeachment hearing, democrat Congressman Hank Johnson asked fellow lawmakers to imagine the teenage daughter of Ukraine’s president tied up in Trump’s basement. Apparently, he wanted to summon mental images of an “imbalance of power” between the two world leaders.

“They’re standing there, President Trump is holding court. And he says, ‘Oh, by the way, no pressure.’ And you saw President Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement, duct-taped,” Johnson said, drawing laughter from the room.

At least the democrat is being relentlessly mocked on Twitter for his blatant ridiculousness.

Projection @ its worst…
Then again, Hank thinks Guam would tip over if over populated/weighted.

While the scenario Johnson conjured up was highly embellished, it was the latest Democratic attempt to undercut the White House, reported RT.  Democrats seek to insist that President Trump placed no pressure on Zelensky or imposed a “quid pro quo on his government.

Democrats have been grasping for straws in attempts to convince people Trump’s “pressure” on the Ukrainian president was an impeachable offense. In public statements, Zelensky himself has maintained that he faced no pressure, deeming his July phone conversation with President Trump a “good call.  Johnson challenged that claim, suggesting at one point during Thursday’s hearing that Trump’s height advantage over Zelensky proved a disparity of power between the two leaders.

Again, Johnson is being mocked on Twitter for his irrational behavior and statements.

The Democrat-controlled House launched an impeachment inquiry into the Trump-Zelensky phone call in September, after a White House whistleblower came forward with allegations that President Trump coerced Zelensky by leveraging US military aid to compel an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden. Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment earlier this week as a result of the inquiry, which are set for a committee vote sometime late on Thursday night. –RT

Until then, expect the nonsense to continue. Democats want to impeach Trump because he’s tall and because they conjured up a fake scenario in their own heads that Trump had tied up the Ukrainian president’s daughter in his basement with duct tape. How are we to NOT think this is just a gigantic rouse?

This is how unhinged everyone looks when their thinking is backwards.

  • The Democrats simply reject the 2016 election.  So, everything they do is meant to effect that backwards looking result.
  • They did not have a probable cause to surveil the Trump campaign.  They surveilled the Trump campaign to find a pretext to discredit it and win the election – Lawless.
  • They did not identify a crime and then assign a Special Counsel.  They demanded a Special Counsel to find a crime – Lawless.
  • They did not identify a crime, or any witnesses to a crime, and then seek impeachment so the crime could be prosecuted.  They impeached in search of a crime and conducted focus groups to see what the public would swallow – Lawless and transparently insurrectionist behavior.

When this effort too fails they should be charged. They should have been charged with sedition at point 1. 

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