Posted by: the daily messenger | December 31, 2019

Hey Don, prove the satanists have taken over the world…

I can. Easily.

This is Rupi Kaur. She’s been named writer of the decade. She’s covered such topics as shoving jelly beans up her ass and taking Instagram pics of her shitting her pants. Say something nice about her.

She worships Kali, the Hindu name of Lilith, whose mast famous incarnation was that as Jezebel.

 Her famous writings, published the world over, are

  • about drinking human blood
  • bedding many women at once
  • new and interesting ways to use fruit and vegetables in her private parts
  • and her groundbreaking series of videos about her taking a dump and filming it while at the SAME TIME, having an orgasm.
  • Her favorite thing? A dump truck, which as you can imagine, is when one person defecates on the face of another when they achieve orgasm.
  • Her favorite cooking is spirit cooking. Guess what that is? You don’t want to know.  
  • She is so satanically possessed, that she brags about putting out content on the dark web, where killers and pedos call home.

She is so very celebrated by the LGBTFKO crowd and in most magazines worldwide, that she commands literally the highest pay per word, for anything she writes.

Convinced? Some more?

One of her more celebrated quotes. This is one sick witch.
This is what freaky deak considers good writing. This particular shot of her went viral among the mentally ill left overnight. The thousands of…nasty witches…who replied to this disgusting display were all raving about it, most of them begging for a “date” with her or at least…yuck…a sample, with many willing to pay thousands of dollars for her “art”

Vogue, and all the other girl mags want her for their publication and pay her a small fortune for anything she says or does. Which is mostly, FUCKING DISGUSTING.

So…this is your satanic world. And it’s a real problem. Follow?

I leave you with this little ditty the nasty lesbian penned.

Imagine getting paid 25k for this garbage

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